Is the universe infinity

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    Infinity stretches beyond the horizon, the din of night and far into the universe beyond imagining where only mystery remains and not one soul has ever want to visit for our whole life is in our association and the sharing of our lives and loves. Infinity is beyond the pale and where none have ever thunk-it.

    Who really knows??  It's beyond human imagination. But then......They once thought the Earth was flat & if you sailed past a certain point you would sail right off the edge into space.Chris Columbus played a big part in sorting that one out.Who knows what they will discover in the future.But not in our time,I think.


    I think is infinity

    Yes umbriel,but didn't Columbus prove it?

    Actually the earth is pear shaped..

    I believe it's as infinite as the GOD who created it..


    Beer and lobster daren?

    Infinity is as we know it..  One grain of sand from the largest beach would be our universe, even then it has boundaries as there is always another grain of sand to go to.  How do you define forever and infinity or infinate? We can not think or imagine either, they are just words as the best we can describe something beyond our limited and bordered thinking.

    I would have to say this universe does have a boundry. Just like our solar system. But space goes on and on


     After our tiny universe there must be others, if you hit a brick wall there is always something beind it. please stop talking about god, he has nothing to do with it.


    Pedantic.How do you know there is only one universe. because you read it on wikipedia. They said the world was flat once.The universe may mean absolutly everything as we know it.But what about the the things we dont know.

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