why do the 404 questions show up after they have been k-o?

    If they have been censored, could they just be completely removed from rotation?  

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    I was under the impression they disappeared , is this not the case P?


    If they DID, we would never even know they existed. I just came across one and was going to "report abuse". I got the 404. Maybe it just takes a bit to delete the question from the "you might also be interested in" spot. ???

    I love going to places that aren't there...  I'll drive miles to get to a place that doesn't exist.. ask my wife! What's really cool is when you ask for directions to this place that doesn't exist-- You get 'em too! 

    We have a sign on freeway 101 it says: 'Los Angeles 404'  I thought it meant Los Angeles wasn't there anymore but my ever observant and overly educated wife told me it was 'miles to Los Angeles..'  I think she's wrong--




    A real man never asks for directions, he drives aimlessly for miles to seek his objective.

    My wife is not a real man, she does the asking for directions.. Not I--

    I believe often times we are reading questions and/or answering the one "in question" when it is deleted. The question does not disappear (go 404) until we refresh the page (as in answer a question).

    Welcome to the 404 club. I got zinged a few times, even though I thought it was unwarranted. I had a recent comment deleted which perhaps I should have ignored the question .(how do I get from here to there). Perhaps my mood that day was such that I was not my charming self. The moderator also seemed to have an off day. I have my "I want to be a good guy face" on again.


    No ed, i wasn't having an off day, i was just doing my job as a moderator, removing uncalled for comments/questions/answers.
    ed shank

    I thought it extreme, but than again, you are a moderator.

    I took a couple of shots from members on an answer recently and made a comment in defense; it was clean and simple, but it was also deleted. Not really sure why, but c'est la vie.

    If you happen to come across a 404, it means the question has been removed by a moderator and will eventually disappear.


    Thanks, pythonlover. It would seem efficient to have the question go "404" when it's removed rather than still show up in the rotation a few times; maybe if it is queued, it can't be deleted.

    This is something that cant be done, it is the design of the application that akaQA is on. It would take the developers to make that change.

    Thanks! I always wondered too.

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