Are the o in the words like dog, gone, torn, bold, long or short?

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    If you look at my will see that I have extended myself more on the explanation...hope it wil help! :0

    In my opinion and according to my knowledge, I believe the words : dog, gone and torn have a long o and the other word: "bold" is a short o

    It has been a while since I taught Phonics to my students in Junior High (Florida), but  First) I believe that when we deal with PHONICS, we have to foolow certain rules..and I remember telling my students that words that finish in "one" like "gone" has a long sound and usually short words like; "tot" "pot" and even "dog" (sorry I think I made a mistake before) they have a short sound. One of the reasons the word "bold" has a short sound, is because when you say it, if you is said very rapidly...therefore you do not hear a long sound...Another way to find out, if you have a regular English dictionary, it will show you what kind of sounds the words have, besides dividing them into fragments or syllables.


    Thanks for your responce. But why would gone be different than bold? How can you tell?

    But these words don't sound like long o as in no. For dog- the dictionary has an upside-down u above the o. But what does that mean- long or short?

    @fishel1111....say the words "dog" and "bold"as pronounced"bowled" hear the difference?

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