what dose love feel like

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    There is no doubt, judging from your posted picture, that you are attempting to convey a message. You are as nude as you can be, without being ejected from this site, and your facial expression matches your clothing.  I can only say shame on you for lowering yourself to this.  Are you that lonely? There is a huge difference between LOVE and have blantantly requested LUST and the world wide web is exactly the place to find it.  I suggest that you do not respond to anyone under these circumstances!!!!!  It's time to grow up...then you will have a chance to know how LOVE feels.


    Your message was perspicuously conveyed.

    Yes Ducky, but what does LOVE feel like?

    @figtree, it feels far different than what LuzzieAnn is looking for judging by her picture.

    I cannot explain it.  I'll just show you.



    If you can feel this, you don't have to ask!  Good luck.


    Sweet. :)

    ""this another Love

    Do your parents not love you? If you mean "in love", judging by your picture, you're too young to worry about it.  Speaking of picture, next time you take one, you should put a shirt on. The only guys you're going to attract with that look are not gong to love you. They'll just use you. 


    Your so motherly, it's sweet. I had to look twice at the picture to see what all the fuss was about! Even though I still don't see it, I'll just have to trust your motherly instinct :)

    Go to her profile picture to see it more clearly.

    Oh Lizzie Lizzie Love is great and if you find your Soul mate in live brilliant but you are very young enjoy your life and enjoy being single and free and young see the world plan your education there is pleanty of time to fall in love


    Wow! I wish I would have said that!

    figtree 3 wish i had done that! haaaa xxx

    DOES!! Not DOSE!!  A 'dose' is a measure amount most generally used in administering medicine..  

    Love feels like being in utopia, everything is perfect, nothing astray, all is well.  Euphoric! Happy, heart pounds and feet tingle at the thought of your loved one. You see nothing but beauty even if they have a bad teeth, red nose and 400# overweight, love is blind..

    The Love of Food for instance;

    It's; like bringing a steak dinner home with me; I'm happy it's mine.

    I know it's good.

    I want to be careful not to make a mess of it.

    I'm not sure how long I can walk with it.

    I must take the time to just sit with it, appreciate it, and enjoy the essence of it.

    OMG! You should have seen my first answer!! I wrote of walking home with a burrito in my pocket! I was shocked when I proofed it!

    O.K. Love can be scary when vulnerable. Now go and put on a jacket Missy!

    No one's gonna wanna go out with someone that's got pneumonia, ain't it?!

    Just remember, you don't have to pay to grow up, you just grow up.

    Don't wear so much make-up...mmmm...and what are those....WITCHES SHOES? I can't believe what you kids are gettin' away with these days.

    Boy! Next thing ya know you'll be piercing your elbows with suction cup holders then you wont be able to mind yer manners at the dinner table, EVEN IF YOU TRIED!!  LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME SAY! NOW I NEED the Pepto! YOU BETTER NOT BE LAUGHING YOUNG LADY !! I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT! OH, SO YA THINK YOU GOT MY GOAT, HUH? WHY, I OUGHTA.............MMMMMmmmmmmm, grow up too ;)


    The "feel" of love is impossible to explain as is evident by your response! My response stands and I would like to know why you voted it DOWN??

    figtree, please do not vote down opinions. If you have an issue with a posted comment, then report it as abuse and an admin will look at it. If we went with the idea that what we perceive as an incorrect answer is what gets voted down, then all the jokes and funnies that do not actually answer a question would be open for thumbs down too. I'd have a field day with the thumbs down button for sure. All Ducky did was to give LizzieAnn a very real and sever warning that her own parents should have given her. Please reverse your thumbs down. We reserve those for vulgar, racist and hate filled comments. Thanks.

    I do not have an argument with you, Ducky.
    I have a vote. There is also a place to post a question concerning what people think of your answer :)

    figtree3...a "thumbs down" is rarely used and the circumstances in which they ARE to be used, have been previously explained to you...not MY rules but that of this forum.

    I hereby pledge to uphold the conditions by which the 'thumbs down' option is to be employed.
    I'm going to go for a walk now. Would you like something from the store?

    With looks llike yours you should hopefully find out, good luck

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