describle how to challenge discrimination in a way that encourages change

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    This topic comes up quite often here. Discrimination is a human frailty and I admit my guilt. As long as it isn't acted on in a way to cause others physical pain or financial loss, I should be able to hate whomever I wish. To discriminate because of race, sexuall orientation, financial status does and will always exist, some may justify it due to religious beliefs, or personal negative experiences with someone of a different race. The list goes on. I dislike certain groups of people because of their ideology/religious beliefs. I'm not going after them to cause them pain, by the same token, stay away from me and save your breath for someone who gives a s*** about your plight. 

    I had a problem like that, this is how I handled it. I had to look who I was dealing with,  I didn't yelled  to the ugly yelling and slandering jester coming out of his mouth.  I walked away as if nothing was ever said. I had to remind myself that I was not up against that person but was up against the spirit that was in him,  using his mouth to attack me.  I walk away praying quietly telling satin  get behind me you will not have your way with me,  In Jesus name I bind that tongue and you will not speak to me again s such.  later on I was around this person and he said he was sorry, that  he didn't  know why he said that to me. I just smiled. .  and walked away.

    try not allow  neg speaking, lies. , yelling etc put you down, chose to walk away you will be better off, then to yelled at and  still your joy. just reverse your situations showing its not bothering, that gets to them more then if you did fight with that person. do the opposite, give that person kindness, a smile, and say, hey I am not talking to as such, please don't talk me like that,  making changes in our life  will make a different in how we handle our-self.

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