How do you kill a Raccoon?

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    "WHY OH "WHY

    Why do want to kill the racoon?You need to call someone to trap him and relocate him. To kill him is against the law and so it scould be.


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    Why do you want to kill a raccoon in the first place?

    You don't.  Call your local animal shelter.

     I hate questions like this Why would you want to shoot this poor animal I have read the comments and as I dont live in the USA where they are from some people are describing thease poor animals as dangerouse Bears! they are extreamly intelegent animals if they a bother to you please call your animal wefare department at least they will capture them and place them back in the woods where they belong and dont leave your garbage full where they can access food

    Another case of gung ho Americans, if it moves shoot it! -- i can't see why you can't try to trap it and take it to Local Animal Authorities


    Lol, you cracked me up with that one, thanks. Kinda true with some of us though.

    I wouldn't if I were you.I don't know for sure but I am pretty certain they would be protected.

    YOU SHOULDN'T BE KILLING ANY ANIMALS.....ESPECIALLY MAMMALS, BECAUSE THEY'RE SO MUCH LIKE US. Animals don't deserve to die......especially by the hands of hunters who wound them , but don't kill them .Then, the animal runs off and suffers ! If you want meat. , go to the grocery store !

    ed shank

    I am not a hunter, never have been. The area where I live has like the rest of the country experienced severe financial hardship. Some of the locals have resorted to living off the land. They kill and eat deer, fish, wild turkey's, etc; My weekly food bill for two people is approx. $200.00. I can't imagine if I had six mouths to feed. Those who hunt for food are simply trying to survive. I'm sure you know the price of meat.

    ed shank - there are 50,000 very poor children in America despite the so called Obama reforms without medical insurance like so many others and would you believe under the streets of La Vegas - a woman gave her child rat to eat - this was said at the school who helps these children.

    1st Why kill and not re-locate? 2nd some carry rabies so you do not want to interact with either live or dead ones.  It makes Doctor Doolittle sad when questions like this appear. Oh, and by the way, in my State using a shotgun in populated areas is illegal...calling animal control is not.


    Sorry Doc, I'm not in a populated area. If you relocate a rabid animal your just going infect more animals.

    JB. They are checked for rabies before beeing relocated.

    Thanks Ann!

    Here they die mostly by car. Racoons are dangerous. If you live in the sticks, your love for them will diminish rapidly. City folk see the cute pictures in national geaographic. They will kill your your three year old child in 30 seconds.


    ed has this happened! killing children! I would like to know!

    Racoons dont attack. They will run away if they see humans.
    ed shank

    Racoons if rabid will attack anything or anyone. They are nocternal by nature. However if they are sick they can be seen in broad daylight scavenging. A dog was ripped to pieces by a racoon several years ago which was witnessed by a number of people.
    Headless Man

    ed is right, they can be dangers'.

    You need to call someone to trap the racoon. Its against the law to shoot them, just because you feel they are a nuisence

    Racoons can carry rabbies, but so can other animals. You would see them mostly during the day. They are staggering and dragging theire hind legs and will go back to theire dens to die. They will bite, if attacked by a human or a dog, which is purely self defense.

    Racoons are nocturnal, but you might see some during the day in spring. These are mother racoons looking for food for theire offspring.

    I  am much more afraid of the "human animal" They kill and maime animals and people. We need to learn to live in harmoney with nature. Animal have the same right as people to live on this earth. Humans are in charge and we need to become more humane and value theire existence.


    Ann Are they protected by law I hope so the sooo lovely and have you heard any Racoon killing a child! xxxxx

    I don't know where your from but its not against the law to shoot them. Please explain to me why a coon would attack a full grown German Shepard collie mix that was on a chain? should I have walked up and try to shoo him away? or stand there and wait 1/2 hr or more w for someone to show up to take him away or shoot him himself, mean while he has bitten the dog and given him rabies too

    No, I have not heard of a racoon killing a child. I dont know where that came from.

    JDB i am from the UK and I have lived in the states /upstate and I lived near the woods and I did see them but never a rabid one perhaps you shouldnt have your dog chained up! and he could at least protect him selve and yes if there is a rabid animal then the kindest thing to do is put it out of its missery but JDB you sound like that you have a epidemic of rabid Racoons!

    JB. If the racoon was rabit then you did him a favor by putting him out of his misery. But I dont think its right to think that all racoons are rabid and therefore need to be killed.

    SHOTGUN ! There not protected, around here there a pain.... When a coon decided to attack my dog That was on a chain, I took his head off  with a 12 gauge, found out he had distemper. Few people hunt or trap anymore because there not worth anything anymore, so things like distemper, and rabies are on the rise once again.

    raccoon`s like everything has a right to live and to say they are not worth anything is misguided at the very least.there is always another answer if you take the time to find it.there are a great number of animals that are carriers for rabies and the like,so are you going to kill them to?

    By the way did anyone see the special on raccoons on PBS the other night!?  Quite interesting! Raccoons have evolved more in the past 100 years as in the previous 4000years! Amazing! Also the more you try to trick them( bungee cords  to keep them out of trash) The smarter they get! Also the way they are built , they can move or tip over things at least 4x their weight . Amazing little bandits,  huh?


    We used to have a family of racoons behind our house...Mom would teach them techniques of getting into things without getting hurt. I wanted to keep one of the babies! I didn't.

    I did not know the moms sometimes helped their kits for up to a year!

    Why isn't the Racoon protected, it's a native animal of Nth. America?


    Its not an endangered animal There is a hunting/trapping season for almost every animal, at the same time if they are a nusince as in destroying property, diseased, you can get rid them anytime.

    If you live in a town call animal control. Outside of town, just scare it away. Try a water hose. Its not worth killing. Years ago i use to legally hunt them for the hide and meat. Yes , they are good barbequed.  On a different matter , if its destroying things, or causing harm to you or property,  use a But not in town. around other people , places, or things. If you can , allow it to live and move on. If it looks sick call  local authorities immediately. Good luck.


    WHY? They ant good eaten (just joking)

    No bowlesy  lets let them all live Maybe then you'll understand that there not afraid of anything or anyone and there just pissed.. have you ever seen a rabid animal? Let you kid out to play and get attacked by one sounds like you'll have more compassion for the animal then your own child or spouse. Trust me if they see you they don't runaway they will attack you. If you want to kneel down and say aaww you poor thing you go right ahead, As for me if I don't have something in hand I'm running.....


    Rabid animals cant run, they are too sick. But when you go after them they will defend themselfes like any animal would. You make it sound like all racoons are rabid and need to be killed.

    Actually, I was chased by a rabid possum once. I do believe they can run because he did. I suppose it depends how far along they are with the disease?

    luckily here in the u.k we dont have rabies, and i dont have more compassion for animals ,that was not my point was you cant go around killing out of hand jdb.if an animal is rabid then it must be delt with to prevent spread ,you cant kill on the off-chance that they may get rabies or the planet would be devoid of life in no time.

    We live in the country and believe me raccoons can be a problem.  If they inhabit your barns where feed for horses or cows is stored the raccoons feces is quite often infested  with a roundworm that can be fatal if ingested by the farm animals. Treatment is quite costly.  Have you ever seen a sweetcorn patch after a few coons had a party?  I drive past a nature preserve on the way to work, quite often I see people dropping off raccoons. Also live trapping a raccoon is fairly easy . Put a marshmallow in the trap. Raccoons love them. But remember that coon could be someones mother

    God bless all people who are on side of, Justice for Animals. God put them on earth for  a reason.

    Why want to kil a harmless animal. If you do you can with a knife or a gun.


    A raccoon is not harmless, but a human IS more harmful.

    Personally, I DON'T kill raccoons. BUT, they are pesky and annoying and destructive, and can be dangerous.  Traps don't sound like a good idea if you are in an area where cats, dogs, or other domestic animals might step into them. It's difficult to release an animal from a trap; generally you'd have to tranquilize it or shoot it.

    God bless all people who are on side of, Justice for Animals. God put them on earth for  a reason.

    we all have parental responsibility,ensuring the safety of your children against raccoon attack is one of them.


    bowlesy I have never heard of a raccoon attacking children I have lived in the USA and lived near woods you could see them but they never ever came near the house its people who encourage them into our population as there trees are felled they will come nearer for food and this is our fault not the Racoon fault please do not describe them as a nasty predator

    i think you have the wrong end of the stick melandrupert ,if you read my earlier posts you will see that i dont advocate killing raccoons quite the reverse and i dont brand them as dangerous child killers.

    bowlesy yes I read your first answer and I tu you but it seems to me that you jumped on the answer of JDB then said the above so yes I did read your first answer so have not got the wrong end of the stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have not been on this site too long when you get to know me like others on this site I ma very PRO animals in my life they come first and I am sorry if that offends you but that is how it is with me..........

    melandrupert, i am not offended by any one who is animal friendly.

     You need a double barrelled racquet.

    Raccoon's are omnivores. Sometimes they parrots. Who is on my side if a Raccoon is trapped in a bin you help it. Raccoon's can't help eating. What if someone wanted to kill you because you ate chicken.

    If the Raccoon appears to be dangers' a bullet to the head is the most humane, if it can't be caught and relocated.

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