what is the definition for a hobnocker?

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    Hobnocker Definition
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    What is a hobnocker
    Hobnocker . A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross (not to be confused with "hobnobber," which is a cool and awesome geek).

    Urban Dictionary: Hobnocker
    a person who slaps people with his penis ... 1. hobnocker a person who slaps people with his penis. that hobnocker over there just slapt me with his dick

    What is a "Hobnocker" ? - Yahoo! Answers
    We were watching the Tv show Icarly tonight and the british(?) guy kept calling everyone hobnockers. I searched dictionaries online and found nothing.

    What Does Hobnocker Mean
    Wade Collins first used the term ‘Hobnocker’ and was also used by David Archuleta in an episode of the “iCarly” show. So.. “What does hobnocker mean?”

    Hobnocker | Answers
    The word hobnocker or hobknocker can have many different meanings. It is a slang word and the root word hob means an imp or a gremlin. From this root it is safe to ...

    Hobnocker? | ChaCha
    Hobnocker? ChaCha Answer: A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross (not to be confused with "hobnobber," which is...

    What Is A Hobnocker
    A lot of people think what is a hobnocker. A hobnocker is a homeless person , tramp or geek or someone like that. The whole thing that make people curious about this ...

    Hobnocker Timeline
    Halloween Short Story Contest 2010 - Wanderer (blog), ICarly Wade Collins HOBKNOCKER (Dutch) [HD], Hobnocker part 2, doc. hobnocker and squirrley sing off!!, justin ...

    British profanity - Hob nocker means what? - Yahoo! Answers
    What are some British profanities? can anyone tell me what a hobnocker is please? what is a hobnocker I can't find this anywhere? What is a Hobnocker, totally ...

    Urban Dictionary: hob-nocker
    hobnocker; hob-nocker; hobnog; Hob Nogger; hobnoker; hobnoxious; hobo; author hobo; ho bo; ho-bo [Hobo] H.O.B.O; H.O.B.O. author hobo2; author hoboace; hoboALICIA; Hobo-alicious

    What Does Hobnocker Mean In Icarly
    There are many slang words out in the world today, and most would wonder what does hobnocker mean in Icarly? People are so fond of using different words that will ...

    What is the definition of hobnocker and why did David ...
    A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross. (not to be confused with Hobnobber- which is a cool and awesome geek) A hobnocker is someone that is |

    A person that enjoys partaking in sexual intercourse that is considered naughty; particularly with people of a "higher rank" in order to achieve another goal.

    A man that enjoys rubbing his nutsack on random people on the street....... "gross" and illegal...i


    Down boy, no beer and lobster tonight!!!

    lol.. that what happens when i get Withdrawals..

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