Am I the different one?

    I went to a pharmacy on Friday to get s prescription filled out.There were about 10 people waiting in a queue.I stood at the back of the queue & the pharmacist waved me to the front. Surprised by this I asked what the queue was all about & he said that they were waiting for their methodone. Boy did I feel like the most naive fool on the block.Then I was disgusted.Only after I left the shop did I think it thru & realize that at least these were the ones getting help with their addiction.How do people get themselves into this fix?

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    Perhaps boredom ,low self esteem and thrill seekers, No you not the different one your the lucky one , i can't count how many "friends  i lost to heroin at least the ones waiting in line for methadone are trying to seek help, what's worse ?


    Heroine is death.
    Methadone is a crutch.
    Education is a tool.
    Education is a tool.
    Education is a tool.
    ( sorry for the repeat but it is!!!!!!)

    I agree education vs rehabilitation..



    Top answer..

    Had a major Heroin habit at 17. When I spent the money set aside for my sons leg braces I knew I had lost my humanity. I was lucky, I kicked.


    ed thanks for sharing that its a diesies not a habit so dont kick your self well done it must have been hard I have worked with alot of dependents and I know its hard well done xx
    ed shank

    Call it what you may, the end result is living hell. I am lucky. I couldn't even guess as to how many people I personally knew who died because of dope related problems. Murder and suicide included.

    I t like  [Daren 1 ] said , your the lucky one, I have known many drug adic. that now are in the grave.


    I used to know two Vietnam Vets who both died in theire 50s from heroin abuse. . Its everywhere.  They need to go after the dealers more and secure our borders with Mexico. Thats where our drugs come from. I think Meth is the worst. Fresno, Cal. is the Meth capital in the US.

    At least these people in the pharmacy waiting in line are getting help.. But why take drugs in the first place, when everyone knows how bad they are is beyond me..


    Thanks for your answer, Ann. Here I am (and its mee, too) in Fresno, with two sons who have probably ruined their lives via meth addiction. "Baby Mama" is entering a 90-day in-patient program and will have my son's 2 & 1 year old daughters with her (he's on his way to join his brother in jail). Pregnant with #3 and going into rehab for meth and alcohol addiction. I'm sure the smoking will continue throughout her "rehab". It's hard to be optimistic and compassionate anymore.

    Oh, Bob. This must be hard on you.Meth addiction is by far the worst and you can do very little to stop it. Your son needs rehab too, just as much as his wife. I cant imagine what those children go through. All you can do is pray for them all. I too will say a prayer. God bless you and your family.

    Thank you, Ann.

    every one should listen to neal young`s"The needle and the damage done"

    Tommyh,  I would never have guessed what that line was for, either; it's a shock to realize how rampant that drug is in your community. 
    Trying drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. is an individual's choice.  We call addiction an illness and do everything possible to help a person past it.  From personal experience with friends, family, and self, NO ONE can "cure" you of an addiction better than yourself.  
    I'm optimistic, but cynical, too.  Had there been one line for methadone and another for heroin, which line do you think would have been longer? 

    The sad thing about the methadone is, they never seem to reduce its dosage. Sometimes I find it hard to believe they can't safely devise a way to taper the addicts off from the drugs they are addicted to with mild sedatives. It makes me wonder just how much the doctors view the addicts as just a source of money in writing prescriptions for methadone.

    I mean, stop and think about it. How are doctors able to induce a coma for patients to heal through the time they are in it, and then bring them out of it? How did heroin addicts ever kick their habits? I have known several former addicts, I find it hard to believe they can't do that.


    The drug industry is making a lot of $ $ off of Methadone.


    Only in that Q are you the different one. 

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