Should religious organizations be required to provide free contraceptive coverage

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    Headless Man

    I don't believe religious organizations, insurance companies, employer, or government should be required to pay for contraceptives.
    It's a personal responsibility and should be so.

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    NO!  It's a personal responsibility & always was & always will be.

    The old slogan "If it's not on,It's not on" comes to mind.

    Why should any organization religious or not be burdened with the responsibility?

    this is just another case of trying to put the responsability for you actions on some one else.i dont think you would get much help in this department from the cathalic church either unless the pope`s had a rethink.

    Required? No, it's none of their business........This is from so left field...........

    The wording of this question is hilarious "---free contraceptive COVERAGE"

    You say you do not think the orgaisations should "----pay for contraceptives"

    Why do you think they should get them for nothing, money wise that is.

    They would need them for "coverage"

    Thank you Oh Head less One, I now know what happened, you laughed your head off at the wording of one of your questions.

    Headless Man

    OK, It couldn't been worded

    Definitely not. What people do is their business. The church and government should stay out of people's personal lives.


    Eggy I agree BUT who do the "people" look to for help in their "personal" lives
    No job that is personal. Have a baby that is personal.
    House gets flooded that`s personal.
    Need hospital care that`s personal.
    Family splits that`s personal.
    When you look at it from that perspective there are so many "personal" things that we take for granted as a right to expect help with.

    All that aside I believe family planning is family business. Not the realm of Canberra or The Vatican.

    PL, what is this 'Canberra', are you confusing the Archbishop of Canterbury with the Aussie capital?


    No.  Its a personal responsibility

    If you write to the Pope enclosing a donation to the Catholic Church, he may send you some condoms, but this is by no means certain. His address:

    His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Aposolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City.

    Give it a try and let us know the result.



    in the mean time keep it in your pants!!

    No that would be a breach of their beliefs.. after all it's really a personal decision...

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