How old do you think you should be when you get a phone

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    If your talking about a cell phone i think they should be old enough to pay your own bill..

    Old enough to be out and around enough that you should be keeping your parents updated as to where you are and what you are up to. That should be the deciding factor.

    When responsible parents (hopefully yours) say you are.

    When you can afford the Bills.

    Nowadays? Hmm? Old enough to speak?

    Old enough to be out and around enough that you should be keeping your parents updated as to where you are and what you are up to. That should be the deciding factor.


    I was 14 but I paid for it myself............


    You were lucky, Jules, when i was fourteen we had ring dial phones only, they would had been a bugger to carry around with an endless cord.

    I had a corded phone, cell phones were something from the future. I'm 54.....

    Is that not a "Misprint jhharlan you mean Thirty four and good looking as well

    You're having me fishing for compliments...I'm 54......

    When a child can use the remote for the tv/dvd, the are smart enough to have mobile for emergency use only, and  just a phone capabilitly, all phones can be manipilated to do just this, as the child gets older, they can have extra functions. ( make an excellent tool for disciplinary actions, seeing we can't touch the little rat bags.)


    No teenager should have a cell phone without parent supervision and they should look at it daily and turn it off and take it at bedtime.

    These things are getting our kids in trouble.


    I heard that it leads to cigarette smoking!
    Headless Man

    As a grandfather of three 13 year old granddaughters I can see the difference of cell phone use, as one was not supervised as she should of been one was supervised a lot the other in between, and the results are amazing.
    Smoking would be the least of the problem.

    The beauty of giving kids a smart phone you can set it up to track where they are at all times providing they have the phone with them, excellent Apps.

    Headless Man

    You should know without the phone, kids learn how to fool the parents quickly and parents depend on the phones to much.

    The first summer you decide to skip an amusement park or Disneyland.  You prefer to hang out with your parents and help them with the household chores.

    The problem with cell phones is that they are distracting. Children don’t need distraction as much as focus and routine. 


    Come to think of it, I don’t need the distraction either and I’m 66.

    You should be old enough to count 0.

    Bout 12. If you can get your parents to pay the bill for you.

    At 16, I do not want my daughter out on a date without one. I can track her, and she can call me if there is a problem.

    I let my son carry mine when he went out with friends. When he was around the house or up to 5 miles away he carried a walkie talkie. If he was in trouble, all he had to do was press the button three time, I was on my way.

    I trust no one with my child. By doing this I saved myself and my son a lot of grief.

    Headless Man

    At 16 you should start trusting them at 12-13 no.

    They are not allow to go out without adult supervision at that age. I did when I was a kid, but it's to violent here. I took my son's teacher to court, she slapped him in the face, he was 6 years old. The violence here is awful. The principle was shot in the face for expelling a boy for fighting.The boys father shot him. This is just a one school town, its hell.I trust the kids, it's the bloody adults that are the problem!
    I have beggars beating on my door at 2-3am.
    I call the police and they run them off. It's short lived.I live in a good section of town, or I use too.
    Working on moving!


    Come to Australia Daisy get out of that god awful place, how can you live like that?

    Thank Peoplelover, That's why I am working so hard on this book, we have to get out of here. There are no words to describe this place. Last night we had a drive by shooting, 2nd on in a year. You hit the floor fast. I dream of an escape. My son has reached a point he want to abandon our home and belonging, just pack a bag and leave forever.
    I'm not quite there yet. Close. Thanks again.

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