When did the Jewish nation stop having animal sacrifices?

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    Find the info (and more) here:

    When Christ died on the cross ..or shortly there after.

    This will take you right to the answer.


    You already got enough good answers. Assuming you are doing a survey on past and current animal sacrifices provide us please with a list of all groups, rerligions, nations, etc that used to do this and whe did they stop. List separately who still does.


    ALL religions used to have real sacrifices many thousand years ago. While it used to be real blood and body is now ceremonial. Unless your religion believes in transubstantiation.

    Ask again in thirty days, the answer will amaze you.

    At the destruction of the second temple. There is only one spot on earth where the Jews can sacrifice on one spot on earth. The place where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son and God spared him. That is where the first and second temple were built and sacrifices carried out. Iseral has a policy that they will never destroy anything that is of great meaning to another religion. No matter what or where, because of what their people have endured. When Isr. was was in enemy hands The Dome of the Rock was built on the temple site where it is said that Muhammad rose and gave prophecy. So the Jewish people will not have back the site for the third temple unless there is something like a natural diaster that destroys the Dome of the Rock. If destroyed by some other means they will regain the property, build the third temple and resume sacrifices.It is intresting to note that it is a very involved ceremony that only a few priests can be involved in and at present these priests are being trained for the ceremony. I found this very intresting and had to find out the answers for myself. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

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