is it unhealthy, {can it harm your pet} to paint your dogs toenails with human nailpolish?

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    Well it must be wrong to paint your dogs nails with human polish, and even worse to paint them with dog know the socalled pet will chew the nails, because it is unnatural for the poor thing.

    I do hope you don't have a pet.

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    I guess it's OK for a poodle.But you wouldn't want to do it to your Pitbull.

    Keep the dog from licking his/her nails till they dry. No it's not harmful, licking wet nail polish might make him ill.

    I agree with Daisy but why in the world would you paint them??? Your dog should be respected for the dog that she is!  She is not a doll!

    If it's a male pitbull, don't do it.  The drool and the red color don't jive.

    this is not good why the hell would you want to paint the dogs nails! this is not excepted please dont as the nail varnish is toxic for all anilmals! it just points out that if your dog is biteing the nail varnish off he/she does not like it on

    It`s a bloody dog for Christs sake leave the poor bloody thing alone.

    I love dogs and frankly I would hope a dog would bite anyone who tried to make it look like a dork.

    Women who invented them.

    Just joking the regulars know I love women but,REALLY.

     That doesn't sound like a responsible or beneficial activity for your beloved pet.
    Find something else to do with your tug of war, fetch, walk, bathe, brush, pet, feed, etc. 

    Not sure about our nail polish  but there is a nail polish designed for dogs, i do my little female chihuahuas nails in a metalic pink, she is 9 years old and i have never had a problem.


    Do you dress the snakes in fancy stuff too?

    I took the big one to a pet show once, with a bow around his neck.

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