to submit an application for extreme makeover/home edition

    would like to have my brother who is a vet from the Vietnam era for help to get his home so that he can go back into it as he's disabled and in a wheelchair and his home isn't set-up or big enough to accomodate his wheelchair. He's been in a care center for over 5 months and would love to make so that he can back into his own home with his wife instead of having to live in the care center for the rest of his life.

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    The show is saying goodbye and ending. They are not taking anymore stories. 

    "After 9 seasons, 200 episodes and many lives that have been changed, EM:HE is saying "good bye". We wanted to provide you, the fans, an opportunity to tell us how the show has been a part of your life throughout the years. Feel free to leave a message to the cast and crew of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. Let them know how they have helped inspire you and which family/episode has touched you the most. Last but not least, don't forget to say Goodbye!" 

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