Of all major holidays, I dread for Valentine Day...2/14 always been my least favorite. Am I the only one feeling this way?

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    It is just another day to me. My mom always got me a card though. And the candy specials the day after are a real treat....................


    I’m gonna get my daughter a card.

    Good for you!

    That's the thing...not enjoy buying any cards, worst than any shopping. I hate shopping. T. y for the feedbacks

    Take a different view.  You dread it because you feel alone?  Many people are alone, so keep that in mind...not everyone is part of a "couple".  Suggestion....go out and buy yourself, whatever  you are wishing someone would buy for  chocolates?  a meal in a restaurant?  a card?  a new sweater?  You'll be surprised how good that makes you feel....really!      :)


    I like your positive attitude, Ducky .

    Thanks...I try to maintain it because it works.

    Thx for the suggestions. Very sweet. I always recommend ppl to treat themselves a bouquet of flowers on their rainy days. Its time I take my own advise.

    I don’t pay too much attention to it. I’m not romantic and neither is my husband. I don’t think it has much to do with love. I think Valentine’s Day is about merchants selling candy in heart shape box ... and other stuff.



    You're prob right, itsmee. It's fun for school kids, though :-)

    We’ve been cutting out hearts for two weeks now. Yep, they like it. : )

    It's just most ppl I encounter in my daily life use the word "love" cheaply and irresponsibly. We shouldnt celebrate "love" only once a year; it should be 365 days everyday of the year. I just can't fathom some ppl use words they don't understand

    to e ts just another day keep it simple dont complicate it its just another day

    It's definately not fun if you're widowed or divorced, and don't have anybody special in your life. But, my girlfriend, Carol and I always give each other a small box of candy and a card. That helps.We're both widowed. I have a harder time at Christmas, b/c I have no family here, and many of my loved ones have died.


    Christmas is a tough one. :(

    Totally agree. I have few selected caring friends, but most times I feel empty and not wanting to participate in any of it. I know the feeling, every Thanksgiving I cry bec I miss my family. I remember the time we had so very little but so darn happy bec we're still together as a family. Many thx for sharing...xoxo

    There are many days more difficult to wander through solo than V-Day, for sure.

    I have always thought it was over rated..even when romantically involved!!!  Romance shouldn't be forced down your throat.  I don't dread it- just don't buy into it.


    Moderator :)

    Doolittle, you are right on target.

    I remember many years ago the fallout from not coming home with the traditional flowers and heartshaped candy box. Thought I'd never hear the end of it. Now every calender is circled in red for that day and all the PC's are programed to give fair warning that the day from hell is back again.


    Hey...there you are!!!!! :)

    and what does she get Ed????
    ed shank

    Flowers, dinner, and I shave.

    Lol. We women could be adorably vicious sometimes when we don't get what we want
    ed shank

    Adorably vicious? Something a bit more vicious comes to mind. Rymes with "itchy"

    Yes i can relate to it being dreadful although i'm married i never know what to get my wife , flowers and  Chocolate don't quite cut it any more , a dinner out is always nice but even thats tough when you'r on a tight budget..


    daren you are right! roses are stupidly expensive as are restaurants on V-day!

    Cook for her!

    Duck offers a wise idea. You can't beat home made meals made from the heart with extra love. Precious
    where I live a doz of roses could jack up to $80; good thing about it is it's lasts up to 3 weeks with this hugmongous mother of bloomings

    It is just another day for me too. I am very resistend to theire marketing ploys.I used to buy cards for everyone in my family, but have not done that for at least 10 years.


    This year I'll send a pic of heart on FB to friends/family

    If Valentine's Day is your least favorite, is it because you have potentially too many people to get flowers for or too few?  You can only have dinner with one of them at a time.

    I never realized it's a major holiday!



    It ISN'T in my circle...hardly gets noticed.

    To me is. Not too few or many -just enough. It's just the love playing games.

    Think about this one. My sister died on Valentine's Day 2 years ago.  Her husband was upset the Valentine's Day the year following her death.  He married again & his new wife was upset that every Valentine's Day her death is lurking in the back of somebody's mind.  I usually make my better half a  home made Valentine's card, cartoonist and humorous, and sometimes a gift. 


    Your bro-in-law's new wife needs to get a grip! I am so sorry you lost your sister!

    That makes it a very sad time for all concerned, doesn't it?

    Wow, tabber, what a memory. the new wife needs to get a grip!---- what's with her? they 're lucky to have you. hope this year is better for all of you.

    thanks for the good wishes regarding brother in law. I think what happened is he was more upset than she was and then she started thinking about it. He told me your sisiter was an outstanding woman. Maybe he started comparing his old wife with his new one and I think she felt it.

    Don't mean to disrepect, No woman likes to compare to another, dead or alive.

    pej i believe you are right. because i think my brother in law started comparing. He even told me on valentine's day that my sister was one hell of a woman. I think he started to miss her. He said he wanted to be with her til death do them part. well he did. but i think the new wife feels the pain. God bless em.

    I think it is fun for kids... No big deal for me and my hubby.. We are broke, so it will be a spaghetti night I am sure. I am worried about mom... Papa's Birthday is the 12 and v day is the 14.. It is going to be a tough month for her. 

    Side note.. I am having nightmares about him... Is is still her but he is not him... i am sure it is stressing over mom and the Month of Feb.... But I havent been able to sleep. 


    So sorry about the nightmares!!!!!

    That's must be tough for you. Sorry to hear. Happy Valentine. Hope you get the rested and sleeps that you are sorely needed.

    I'm being deluged on the TV, in the newspaper, and in every kind of store with Valentine's Day promotions.  
    NOT having a husband or BF, nor any good guy friends this year to give at least a card, I'm feeling left out. BUT, if there is ever someone in my life again (or, rather, WHEN), we won't need Valentine's Day to say "I love you".  
    NO, Pej, you aren't the only one.   

    Bob I know what you mean. However when I was a single person.  I did not worry about  Valentine's Day.  I just wished the people I worked with and/or people that I happen to be talking to on that day, Happy Valentine's Day.  Most of it is commercialism anyway.  So as I always say, "Don't worry, Be Happy!" And, "Happy Valentine's Day to you!" Your aka pal Tabbie Tabber

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