how to stop cigrate

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    Don,t be so p..e..d..a..n..t..i..c.

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    Don't light it...then they don't taste so delicious.

    Cold turkey, the most important thing is you have to definitely ,positively, absolutely WANT to stop smoking.

    Put them down and don’t pick them up every again was the old way to do it.

    Have you tried the nicoteine patches?

    Make up your mind that you really want to stop and then stop, just stop, don't buy them, don't have them around.  Make up your mind to do so........

    I am at 3 days without a cig.....  Cold turkey and not going into a gas station or the cig aisle at the grocery. 


    Good for you...don't ever stop trying to quit even if you should slip up...but you won't slip up, will you? :)

    Trying not to... I havent been around any smokers all week... Hubby is quitting too. he has it hard, he works with smokers.

    Put up a big stop sign, no cigarette allow , only cigar!

    it takes 3 days to get the nicotine out your body. the rest is psychological. try to keep your hands busy. suck on peppermints or ice. thats what i did and its been 13 years now. its not going to be easy but can be done. keep it up. dont let it get you back  to smoking.

    Habits draw you back in by the fact that you have identified pleasurable activities with smoking cigs. The pleasurable activities have to do with relaxation, hand to mouth activities, actively breathing and resting. There are several compromises that you have made to allow yourself to use cigs. These compromises include thinking positively about cigs. These compromises need to be corrected first. The smell of cigs is repulsive. The cost of cigs is the price of poison. The relaxation cigs give you is that you are dying. The stores you buy cigs at are pushing dangerous drugs. And the friends who offer you cigs are addicts like you are. Ending your addiction takes your commitment to abandon this activity that is killing you. I know you are strong and able to end this crime against you own good health and happiness. Bless you and please live strong.  

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