Midol and Unisom look way too much alike.. Have you ever taken the wrong medication by accident?

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    I am diabetic and use 2 different insulin types. I have on one or two occasions confused the bottles and used the wrong kind. Makes for a lot of sweets eating to counter the effects........

    Well apparently Unisom does not work since you're awake, lol. No, I've never taken the wrong meds. 


    I just took it when I posted the question.. I am now feeling a little blurry... I wasnt sure which I took but it is becoming obvious.

    Well, have a good sleep :)

    I have not. However, medication errors are so common in hospitals it is a very good idea to ask what you are getting, what it is used for, and who ordered it for you...if something doesn't seem right it is your right to question it, look at the orders, or refuse taking it until clarification is made.

    Yes, I’ve taken the wrong medicine. I had to get syrup of ipecac and throw up for a dreadful long time You will not have to do this with your meds.

    To be absolutely sure you could dial information and ask for poison control. they’ll answer you right away. Just dial 411 or 0 and the operator will connect you.

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