A questions for the church-going christians on this site:

    I suppose there are many branches and each would have a different answer. My question is just an “in general” type of questions.   Would you send your child to a child psychologist or would you prefer your minister or would you leave the problem to prayer. In this case “the problem” really doesn’t matter. 


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    Honestly, I would send them to a Christian counselor who is trained or has a diploma in psychology. One highly recommended like I mentioned on the other question. Hope this helps.


    Christian counselor ... that is one I didn’t think of. Thank you.

    Cool, no problem. Hope it works out for your grandchild.

    I am a little surprised Itsmee, do you not think us heathens would not be able to give advise on the treatment of a child?

    I have 9 children 18 great grandchildren and twelve grandchildren so whilst I do not profess to be a expert I have had a little hands on experience.

    ANSWER: I am not a lover of Psyhcologists who really only study human behaviour.

    I prefer to go for the jugular and go to a Psyhciatrist who underatands and treats human behaviour.

    With regards a clergyman they are not qualified to treat mental illness so I would definitely steer clear of that one.

    As far as prayer is concerned if this gives you peace of mind in some way, go for it.

    It may help you but  doubt very much that it would help the child.

    After all your God is responsible for the illness so He/She is already aware. All knowing being.


    i agree, there is more scope for confusion here and could make matters worse.bad advice is worse than no advise.

    There are many psychologists AND psychiatrists who are Christian counselors. Maybe the problem is merely behavioral and not mental illness. Christian counselors have helped my family in many more ways than just the scientific non believers' views.

    The child should go to the most experienced, professional,  & respected source for help. Where they are affiliated with shouldn't enter into the equation..........

    If the problem didn't really matter, I wouldn't discuss it with a psychologist OR religious leader. 
    My eldest son had some bad anger business going on when he was in 5th grade.  I asked a pastor (retired) whose entire family I respected. I knew that he actually CARED about us and wasn't going to talk with my son to collect a king's ransom in medical fees. He met with my son a few times and advised me that he was not qualified to help my son with the stuff my son had presented. They continued to meet every week, though, to play checkers and just enjoy each other's company.
    My son went to a couple of counselors;  they were clock-watchers.

    its mee; there are many people who attend faith services who are not Christian.  If the child is being raised in a faith, perhaps seeking a therapist who practices that faith may help, but not necessarily.  I think there is either a connection between doc and patient or there isn't.  If there isn't, move on.


    PKB----Was your son angry at his father ?

    Bob - you are so right. It is most important that the child connects with whoever is trying to help him. Group therapy helps regardless of religion or psychology or in fact psychiatric qualifications everyone is homo-sapien with a mind and soul. This way there seems to be more choice. Good luck with this itsmee.
    Bob/PKB are so NOT dopey.
    mycatsmom: 5th grade was a turning point in a lot of things; I'm still not sure what happened to my happy, smart, funny, talented son that made him so mad...maybe the other boys were more athletic? That following summer we were in NY for an extended visit with in-laws. My sons' godfather lived in San Jose, CA. He became quite ill and was hospitalized while we were gone. We found out when my then-husband's ex-wife contacted him to let him know how very ill Ken was. A phone call to the hospital, Ken saying he didn't want to "bother" us while on vacation. (!) The next thing we knew, he was dead. My 2 younger sons cried their hearts out and Mom & Dad comforted them as best we could (our tears came later). The oldest son got into a closet and closed the door. He said he was angry his godfather had died. I've never known what made him so mad. I carried an angry undertone around me for over 50 years; maybe it's inherited?

    I agree with Leeroy. I would be certain that is is not a counselor in name sake only. Many Christian "counselors" are actually mediators. Be careful and do some research.


    Jenn, I will research and advise a little if I’m given the opportunity.

    The Pastor could help lift the child up in his/her prayers if it is fitting.  Even youth pastors don't have much experience with a lot of childhood problems- and might confuse the kid even more.  If it is a learning or behavioral problem the school might have a social worker who has both education and experience dealing with such matters.  If it is serious (child seems psychotic or suicidal/homicidal) then def. a child psychiatrist.


    The child is not psychotic or suicidal or homicidal. When there is a serious problem in growing up it’s so good that the mom is definitely going to take steps to help her child out. I think Mom will pick a Psychologist.

    I commend 'Mom" on not ignoring or minimizing the prob. (so many do)

    My parents sent me to a child psychologist, i tell ye that kid was no help at all...seriously i would rather see my kid get counciling from a pastor than a psychologist , one who cares about the heart rather than the brain..

    PEOPLELOVER: I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your answered. I think we heathens know plenty. Don’t ever think otherwise!

    I am definitely not fond of psychologists. I go to a psychiatrist and take a pill that keeps me from flying off this big blue ball in a dizzy frenzy. My experience with a psychologist went all bad. 

    However, the child in question is not mine but I will be asked my opinion. I want to know what alternatives are out there and where we might run into problems.

    I LOVED your last  two sentences.  (((PEOPLE LOVER)))




    itsmee,I go to a shrink too, and I take that same pill, and another one too :-D

    We don't know what the problem is,I've seen in certain situation the problem was more of the parent rather than the child ,Although there are case that will resolve them self giving time,like a growing pain, and the matter correct itself by being more mature as he or she get older.My opinion on this is that the child is more open with the parent rather going too a psychologist therapist.and could result in inferior complex .    

    I would take the child to a Christian who approaches with problem with both the conventional wisdom of traditional psychology, but from a Christian perspective.

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