Why female nurses are called "sisters" in Pakistan-India

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    Virtually anybody can walk in off the street & be a nurse or nurses aid.To be a registered nurse (RN) there are certain exams that they have to pass.To be a sister,sort of like a sergeant in the army there are more exams to pass & she will be in charge of the RNs & nurses aids.If a Sister is prepared to study a bit more she can become a Matron & the she's in charge of everybody,And man, You don't mess with the Matron.


    Your answer sounds great. 1000 Rupee coming your way.

    It's got nothing to do with India/pakistan.My wife was a nurse,RN/Sister for 40 years.That's how it works here.I'll take the 1000 Rupees tho.maybe I can get the kids an ice cream with it at the 7-11.LOL

    "" "Hey, he wants to know why only in Pakistan nurses are called sister...haa...haa."

    "How long has he had his head in the hot sand?"

    "Too long. He doesn't know that the term 'sister' is a nurse who is in charge of other nurses and is known world wide as this name, except Pakistan. All frogs in the well! In Asian countries, there are too many chiefs and no Indians to do the work."

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