WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE (American) TV PROGRAM seems only fair.  Hey, everyone, what's your favorite program ANYWHERE?

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    I guess I should answer: NCIS/Mark Harmon. Law & Order, REVENGE, ALCATREZ, Castle, Body of Proof, old sitcoms like Frasier, Cheers, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld. I like Cold Case Files, and the 1 hour shows that track true crime. I do like Hell's Kitchen and Project Runway for "reality" type shows. I would like to BE on Dancing with the Stars, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy for Idiots. The crime show with Gary Sinise...what's that called. Oh, and Bones. Really, I don't watch that much TV. It may be ON, but I'm DOING something at the same time. Really, it's just noise....Really!

    No time for akaQA then???

    Half an ear on "Revenge" while I'm q'ing and a'ing tonight!

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    Right now, it's HARRY'S LAW. Never a dull moment...........


    I think I could be "Harry"....I like that a "not beautiful by Hollow-y-wood standards" can be a leading lady.

    Big Bang Theory, This sitcom cracks me up.. I don't watch much else.. Two episodes back to back every weekday night..


    Interesting show, for sure....a good slant on an "old" theme. Laughing is good!

    Still law and order as well as house...


    Still love Law & Order with ya!

    I like true stories.I do like american Idol.


    Surely the Greatest story ever

    I like the true stories, too, jfoel, but not the reality shows.

    I hate reality shows.Bob/PKB.Also like the history channel.

    ROMOS this is a good story,too.

    I have never missed American Idol ...... and now I’ll crawl away and hide my head. (People hate that show. It’s amazing that it’s so popular)

    Bing Bang Theory


    That is a funny show,catch it when I can.

    I can't believe what comes out of their mouths sometimes...too funny.

    I forgot that one!!

    quantum leap and sliders


    Good shows, abby grant. Thumb's up!

    I like criminal minds and National greographic channel.

    I aint got one rioght now!!!!!!......  I recken I'll think on it a spell. 


    Y'all come back now, y'here!



    That is one that I've not watched (from the ones mentioned here). Are you one who feels the supernatural is real or "hoax"?

    Funny , very funny series

    Gold Rush,Pawn stars,Shipping wars,American Choppers<<<,but that one is getting kind of old with all the bull crap now instead of building bikes,and for a laugh I like the old reruns of Two and a half men...


    Keep seeing the previews for Shipping Wars, but haven't seen it you say it's one of your favorites, I'll watch it at least once. The 2 1/2 Men reruns ARE always good for a laugh! Thanks for your answer.

    Gold Rush is great, I'd like to go to Alaska and try my hand at it... First I'd need a better back though!

    leeroy,I'd like to try my hand at it also,I have the back,just don't have the backing...

    Survivor, when its on.  Otherwise I do like NCIS with Mark Harmon


    ncis is Ok

    I like NCIS, too, and will "surf" the channels til I find it...usually 3-4 shows back to back late at night. That and akaQA keep me up til 3AM. Survivor....haven't watched since Ozzie didn't win the first time out.

    Law and order also criminal minds (I think it's American)

    I like Two and A Half Men, even if they are no longer filming new episodes. I get a laugh out of the humor. (I wouldn't even bother watching the proposed newer episodes with Ashton Kutcher, as it just wouldn't be the same.)


    I agree with you on the newer episodes with Ashton Kutcher,just not as funny without Charlie.

    I caught a couple of minutes of the new show, and am sure I'll just be watching the original.

    I like Bones but I feel it has lost something now "they" are finaly in love. I liked the mystery  "Will they wont they "

    I like Castle, I especially like the relationship he has with his daughter. Hope it is not stuffed up like Bones and he and Beckett get all lovey dovey.

    If it aint broke don`t fix it.

    I do not like most US so called comedy where we are so stupid they have to have canned laughter to show us where the funny bits are. If they were really funny we would know where they are.

    Reality shows are, to me, about as interesting a root canal  and bear no relation to "reality"

    People allegedly on their own and in dire straits can always ask the camera crew ,producer and director for help. How dopey do they think we are ? Really!


    I'm in total agreement with you about the reality shows, and Bones, too. Castle and Beckett don't really have that much chemistry; dad and daughter ARE a better combo.
    I've never liked the canned laughter, either. I certainly don't understand who felt it was necessary in the first place.

    Thanks Bob. Great minds think alike or if you prefer "Dumb bells never differ."

    Paranormal State,   Undercover Boss,  Dog Whisperer,  Untold Stories of the E.R.,  American Pickers,  The Haunted,  48 Hours: Hard Evidence,  Jeopardy.


    How did I over look American Pickers,love that show.

    Cleveland Rick====== ;-)

    Criminal minds and The District.

    HOW DO YOU find time to tap the keys with ALL those shows on Bob/PKB

    I'm not much into reality shows, which seems to be the norm these days. I do like gold rush though.

    As far as sitcoms I'd have to say, "The Big Bang Theory."


    Gold Rush! Interesting. Do you pan for gold?

    Not yet, but have been talking about a trip with my brother-in-law. Maybe sometime soon?

    Criminal Minds and The Good Wife...and All Animal shows!


    Criminal Minds, yes, enjoy that. Haven't seen The Good Wife. Animal shows are generally heart- warming. I don't like it when the animals dies, though.

    No, Doo cries when animals die!

    I'm sorry Ms. Bob,  none of them, i prefer to watch Documentaries made by the Poms.



    What is "Poms"?

    POMS actually abreviates from' Prisoner of Mother England' refers to the convicts transported from England -- hence Englishmen are regarded as 'Poms by Aussies.

    The Office, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, Up All Night, 30 Rock, American Idol.  I copy them and watch whenever I want. 

    Lockdown , Jail , Cops , American Pickers , Judge Judy , Cheaters , 48 Hours , Dog the Bounty Hunter , Pawn Stars.

    " (Hello lovely MRS.P.K.P..); In answer to your question my favorite is the television series  (FRIENDS). "  (RED,WHITE, & BLUE) even tho' I'm Mexican-American born & bred in THE U.S OF A." (Phoenix,ARIZONA.) ! I work hard on my ranch. " 44 acres ! The Name (ESCONDIDO RANCH) with a mule named after my mother-in - law. (MARYANN)! " (L.O.) ;)


    Thank you, Panda. Friends is one of my favorite shows, too, and it's been off the air for over 10 years. What kind of work do you do on the ranch? How's your mother-in-law like having mule named after her?

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