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    I get a buzzing vibration noise on my 6th string around the 12th fret. Can I adjust that myself and is it difficult?

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    Look down the neck from the head to the bridge at eye level, is it bowed?? if so then 'Truss-rod' needs adjusting, this is not a job for you, it needs to be professionally done. (This is the worse case scenario)

    Maybe the bone (or nut- the strings pass over before going to the machines) or bridge saddle needs a 'shim' on one side, this is easy, the way I have done it is with paper matches, remove the head of the match and you can 'split' the paper to different thicknesses. Shim it up on the treble side of the neck.. This will lift the string. I believe the Strat if I remember has individual adjusters at the bridge so you will not use the 'match trick. there..

    You Rock, Vin

    So... how'd this work out for you??  LOL!


    Seems OK now. ;)

    LMBO !. Where do you guys find this stuff ?

    Any side street... :)
    dont feel bad i just broke my g string

    I'd be cautious about telling people that.. :)

    daren, LOL
    I'm using Ernie Ball super slinky, I'll just replace them all.

    Thanks Vinny I'll try that. But is the treble side toward the back of the guitar? Sorry for stupid ques. but I'm new at this.

    The treble side of the neck is the small strings. EADGBE The string you are talking about is E6.. assuming you are speaking #6 as the small string, E1 is the biggest string remember , there are two E's. Lift the srting adjuster from that side of the neck, on the strat they are individual.. If memory serves me right.. Frets count from the head to the bridge, you are at the 12th fret. Also sometimes a string can get a 'burr' at the fret, bone or bridge.. The e6 I am assuming you are using .009 or .008.. You might want to replace the string first before doing any of the above..

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