I have a 2001 Sable and when I have the heat on the car stalls at red lights and stop signs/ if the heat isn't on it doesn't do this...oh and also it is not over heating either...any suggestions where I should start...I was thinking it had something to do with the pcv valve.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated /////   Its cold out there///  lol

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    I think it's more likely an electrical problem.Some how the heater/fan switch is shorting out the idle stop valve or something.Maybe even the main ignition lead.I suggest you go to an auto electrician.They should be able to track down any short circuits.


    thank you ...If you hear of anything else please let my know ....I thank you once again..Have a good one

    I reckon Tommy is on the money.

     The pcv valve is , in case you are not aware "Positive Crankcase Ventilation

     and its` purpose in to control the pressure in the sump.

    A faulty pcv valve normaly manifests its` self as using oil particularly under load such as towing a caravan under extreme conditions.


    thanks for that..oh and yes I did know what the pcv

    Thanks for your reply, I wasn`t having a shot at you with the PCV valve bit but some people put petrol in one end, oil and water in the other full stop.
    I came from the old school if you could not fix it yourself it stayed broken as we did not have the money to pay.
    Not to bore you but a true story, in 1955 I pulled the gearbox out of a 1951 Ford Consul, strpped the box and found the problem and bodgyed it up.
    Why did I bodgy it?, I did this on the side of the road in country New South Wales.

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