How far can a V-2 rocket go?

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    Well I believe they went as far as Manchester fom Germany but I could be wrong.

    The V1 was the first rocket bomb Germany used against England and became known as a "Buzz Bomb: due to the buzzing sound it made and then it shut down and fell indiscriminately to the earth below.

    V2 was as one would expect the second such device which was more able to be controlled as regards to distance.

    Today we hear nations shouting about civilian casualties and howling down the perpetrators.

    Civilian deaths are sadly a fact of war, always have been and always will be.

    Today we seem to think it is only the military that should get hurt, why?The people if they support their government, are as much a part of the hostilities as the military.

    Harse as this sounds it is a fact of life.

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