who is the more important: Friends or Lovers

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    I think lovers are because they are simply friends also, but on a deeper, more physical and emotional level.  Friend friends are great, but lovers fulfill more needs that human have and love.  A good friend understand and encourages you to put your lover first, because the lover is taking care of you on so many levels.  My mom always put her lover, my dad first and foremost before anybody even before us eight  kids.   I thought that was a great example, even tho when I was a teen i would say, "how come daddy gets chinese food and we don't"  Of course I said it to myself.

    They have very common things, really i don`t and i didn`t have true friends, both of them are important to create strong belief in yourself, value for yourself, help built your character and personality etc. But both of them have  their bad sides maybe you have a true friends he love you, he cares for you, he protect you etc, but varies what things you do together maybe you don`t harm any other of you but can harm the others. About the lovers i think sometime when you love someone, some things very important you cant see because the love blind you.Just i think because i don`t have very experience in these things.

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