How did regional differences affect the development of society in the United States?

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    Regional differences contribute to having a large pool of varing methods of problem solving.  Separation by boundaries of invironment, segregated culture and a boundary of intellect.   People develop new unique methods by not acquiring otherwise by influence. 

    The large pool of thinking and problem solving that has comes from the melting pot of international thinking, know as the USA, is what has made the world develope so quickly in the past 250 years.


    In a country that covers over 9 million square kilometers, it is not surprising to learn that regions that are separated by large distances will be noticeably different. Not only are there great differences in climate and landscape, but also in the people who live in each of these regions. The fifty states that make up the United States can be divided into six distinctive regions.  U only can use your mind to differ the climate degrees from Alaska to Hawaii.


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