....FOR ONE DAY, AND ENACT ANY LAW YOU WANTED, WHAT WOULD IT BE.  (I'm expecting serious along with the humorous).  KOTF:  You can answer, even though you already rule your own kingdom. :D

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    I'd rule that no one bothers me for that day (except for emails...........)............


    Think big, Julie, it's your day!

    Okay, I'll add that someone can cook me dinner....

    I will" How about "Haggis" All the rich vitamins "You know entrails stuffed in a "Animals stomach meat is Heart/Liver/Lungs Great

    Can I come dowsa??? I,ll bring the drink...KOTF.

    All "wenches bow to there keepers MEN.Clean our shoes or boots with your "Tongues" run a "Bath "Oh you can use it after us I know you feel Honoured .You must appease to please "OH brush the Fleas teeth I like a Clean "Bite" Now that's not much to "ASK" 


    This from the guy whose wife is in every answer as though the world revolved around her. I'm more than a little concerned.
    And the comment posted on jhharlan's answer is a big red flag.

    Whose Fleas are you talking about??? I think I,ll cancel the drink!!...KOTF.

    No I was saying that for the guy next door .He always wanted to say that .Poor wimp ,anyway I said to him I do that for the wife.His answer was Get a Bloody Life. The food for jhharlan is true ask Romos" Haggis is a treat for our Poet ROBERT BURNS to Celebrate his Birthday.Its a Satire flag Blue with white cross Please no RED!

    My only wish is that I would always do the will of God ! if were possible.Seem like I'm always doing something wrong.


    You do the best you can. That is obvious. It's hard to make a law to ensure that.

    So then tell me what would be your one day law? Bob, don't want put you on the spot here, I know your a pretty smart lady, you'll come up with something interesting!LOL.

    I'm giving it some serious thought, facebook!

    Bob! don't worry be happy, I would change you even if I could, Love you just the way you are.Have you heard the song

    Stephen Stills! I have the album :D
    You are a sweetheart.

    Term limits on all government officials. Six years for everybody (Staggered so one third would leave every second year).


    I have plenty more...

    ALL idiotic question askers to hand in PCs for the day (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)


    i would second that.lets have something worth talking about please.

    Law No. 1

    Anyone named BarackObama or similar is to be deported to Kenya.

    Law No. 2

    Anyone named BarackObama or similar is not alowed to enter this country.

    Law No. 3

    Americans are free to celebrate laws 1&2

    Law No. 4

    After instituting laws #1 & #2 & 3 we won't need anymore laws.

    I'd command that all the rich folks open their door, hearts and wallets to the  poor..

    To me, the most important issues are jobs and healthcare. But I dont think anyone could enact that in one daY!.


    Very important...sometimes I think just common sense could resolve these issues, but money gets in the way. More more more.

    I would require that every child knew one musical instrument when they graduated from high school.  I would require that people have some counseling before getting married, and some child rearing training.  I were in control.  There would be absolutely no war.  If anybody even spoke of it I send them to island for fighters, and let them fight with each other all day and nite.  I hire ron paul so he could keep reminding people about the constitution and NO WARS.  I would require that kids that are tall enough and smart enough to start taking driver's training at 12, 13, or 14.  I would require that people that come to America would have to take some driving course before getting behind the wheel.  Over 30,000 a year are killed on American highways.  I would not let advertisers make commercials showing new cars driving super fast like they going to fly up in the sky.  I would reeducate people about taxes and why we need to have them.  Americans are so misinformed and brainwashed by the 3 people that own our national media outlets.  Look up and listen to Jeffery Sacks on the internet.  He know and can spell it out for us and tell us from a historical point of view what caused us to get to the economic crisis we are in today in America.  Plus he is intelligent and not just talking out of his neck like so many politicians do.


    Some excellent ideas, tabber. Thank you!

    Bob has some brilliant ideas.

    I would have a flat 35% tax for everyone except those on Government Pensions.

    This 35% tax would be on gross income with No rebates, no loopholes for rich people to crawl through.

     I would reduce GST ( goods and services tax) to 5% as the additional tax obtained from the people that are now dodging the tax man would allow this.

    Any person under 35 yrs unemployed for more than 12 months would have to serve in the armed forces for a minimum of 3 years at standard military pay.

    Any person as above over 35 would only be entitled to continue to receive government assistance if they carried out work applicable to their capabilites for local charity groups, councils and the like.No one would be allowed to work more than one job, the reduction in GST would lower all prices to make goods more affordable.

    I would introduce compulsory military training (cadets) in all high schools State and Private of 2 hrs a week. This training to involve weapon safety , drill, map reading and above all discipline..

    Any parents who refused to allow their child to partake would have all government assistance revoked.

    This training for both genders.


    Jeezo, you,re good,took me about a day to think about this question then you come up with virtually the same bloody answer from the other side of the bleeding planet, thanks coz,saved my little fingers getting weary...KOTF.

    Mate, I did not have to think about it for five minutes as I have known for years the answer to our problem but no bloody Government would have the balls to introduce the laws.
    I have said it before and I will keep on saying it "Are you part of the solution or part of the problem"
    All this namby pamby nonsence of to-day is bull s--t, Good swift kick up the arse would do a lot of people a lot of good.
    You are ex Matlo so you know what I mean.

    Abrogate the current USA Income Tax Law(s) and replace it with a Consumpton Law explained in less than 10 pages.

    Abolish the Federal Reserve (run on bill) and make monopolies like wal mart illegal.

    In the land of "SHANKDOM" everyone must become fluent in the language of the land. All men must have a marketable trade, or be enrolled in a program to prepare them to be a contributor to society. All parasites will be deported immediately. Every home must have at least one firearm. All  able bodied citizens must contribute 100 hrs per year to provide a volunteer service to a charitable organization of their choice. A curfew for all 18 year olds or less to be off the streets by 10pm unless accompanied by an adult. Second offense drug dealers, death by firing squad within 60 days. All males who refuse to pay child support will be put on a labor detail indefinately and paid twenty dollars a day which goes towards his childrens care and his bread and water until he see's the errors of his ways.  The other 419 items will have to wait till later. I have a very busy day today. 


    You never mince words.

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