are they for real

    i have a letter for me from them saying i have a check waiting for me are for real or no?

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    Ducky is correct it sounds like a Scam did you enter in anything?NO Bin it.

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    Who is "them"?   Do "they" by any chance, request that you pay some amount, in order to get that check, which of course, is a  larger amount?  Be very not pay anyone, anything, for a promise of something in return!!

    Who are the people that have a cheque waiting ?

    Its a scam. Dont send any kind of money or give out personal information. They might ask you for your checking account number and adress. to send the money to. Dont give it to them. They will clean out your account..

    Really need to know who "them" are, and why if they have a cheque for you can it not be sent ? make sure you give these people nothing, including too much information about yourself

    In this day and age you don't even get nothing for nothing.

    Since the beginning of the year I have become a multi-millionaire according to the scammers.

    One was 3hundred million US dollars ( that is about 50cents Australian)

    Barclays of London wanted to give me 200 thousans UK pounds (now that is real money)A Nigerian did not say exactly how much but "a substantial amount"

    Truly if I have had one I have had about ten.


    I thanked them all very nicely and told them I was quite happy living on the age pension plus a small Super pension and would please they find a more deserving case.

    Can a chicken fly?



    I think so.

    Yes..but they don't want humans to know this. SHHHH you didn't hear it from Doo!

    Read this mail for entertainment purposes only, wonder at the nerve that they think you're that stupid and throw it away. Don't respond................

    it's a scam!

     Whenever you are offered something for nothing, or something in exchange for personal information, it's NOT a prize.  Throw it away.  Throw all that stuff away. 


    or recycle!

    Those silly slugs...they get so bored in the winter.  I'll have a talk with them.  Pay no mind to the offer. Slugs and snails use a different manner of trade.  They are cash poor and could never deliver even a dime to someone.

    Did you work for it ? if not it's a scam!

    Its A SCAM

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