can you find attock japanese salvage in birmingham please

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    Attock Car Spares and Salvage
    Unit 19, 36, Wharfdale Road
    B11 2EG
    Birmingham (West Midlands)
    Main phone:
    0121 706 4084

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    I agree, they must be a scam, click here to see where their business address leads to

    Ordered a car part from Attock on 4/2 giving Credit Card details. Learnt today of concerns for this 'company' and have, of corse, cancelled my card from which to date no money had been taken.



    Hi Colleen,  The phone number with the address belongs to LPG metals apparently, the number I have is 01216049955. It is either engaged or no reply,. opposite the address are a row of business units but none of them suggest a breakers yard. How can he scam you if you cancel the credit card before he withdraws money?? I have frozen the card but I still need a gearbox as we are stranded on holiday without a vehicle.

    Ain't life grand





    I ordered a part over the phone on Saturday and gave my debit card details, they said the part would be with me by Wednesday but it didn't show. Same as you, tried phoning and phone always engaged or no reply so I emailed and got a reply that said they were really sorry but the part got damaged in the post and returned to them. No money has been taken from my card but do you think I should cancel card to be on the safe side? Sympathise with you being left without a gearbox - what a pain!

    Hi, I have put a temporary stop on my credit card and as yet there has been no effort to take the £245. I did speak to him Tuesday about 3pm but he said he couldn't talk to me as he was having his lunch !! I rang back later and of course it was not answered. I don't know much about card fraud but I understand that they can sell your card details to scammers to use after you think its all gone away. I am amazed you got an email reply, did you email through Parts Gateway? or do you have an email address for him? I have asked Birmungham trading Standards Rogue Traders team to check him out but I am sure that will take time. Its a good job the garage hadn't had time to remove the other gearbox in preparation !!

    Attock Car Spares
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    Address: Unit 8 The Wharf, Wharfdale Road, Birmingham, West Midlands. B11 2DA

    Contact: Mohammed Harip
    Tel: 0121 7064 084

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    This guy claims to know nothing and says they just sell LPG gas ???? Do we believe him? he says he doesn't know of another Attock company.

    Its gets worse as it looks as though our mystery man has pirated the name of Attock from the company who sells gas. They are in the same area and I managed to get from him the details of the police officer who is dealing with the matter. He is PC Holdsworth (9764) based at Acocks Green and can be contacted via 0345 113 5000. I am waiting for him to respond. He rang me back and said they "are looking into it" but as I had not lost any money no crime had been committed. one odd thing is that our conman has only 1 reference on his Parts Gateway page from a lady in Scotland, I managed to contact her and she has never heard of him but in November she was conned out of nearly £2000 by an Asian calling himself in Leeds by paying by debit card and the site is now closed and he has dissapeared, perhaps he has moved to Birmingham and become Attock etc? How else would he have her details from a tiny village in the Scottish Highlands?

    I took a look at the buildings across the street and the brick building is empty and there is another business that is not the name of this parts place, a tire place and some other business that has nothing to do with car parts. They do not have a shop in those buildings.

    I have ordered a gearbox and given my card details to them, I cannot now get a reply by phone or email. Did you do the same?

    Barry,   Notts


    Scam, sorry. Their business address is an apartment house.

    Its a fake company or business so I insist people don't purrchase or view this as it contains false information. Which is copyright protecftion act therefore they are inpersonating another company which is illegal!

    I don't understand what you are saying? Do you mean there is another company with the same/similar name that is genuine?

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