can u use a aluminium flue pipe as a chimney for a log burning stove

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    You should use Galvalume or Stainless Steel.

    ""Use Stainless steel always

    I definitely would not use aluminum, most especially with anything to do with a wood-fired stove. Something you also want to be careful of with wood burning stoves, is creosote build up in a flue pipe. I have seen an 8" flue pipe brought down to almost a 2" opening. Once the build up does flash, it gets extremely hot, and has been the cause of many a house fire. The worst source of creosote build up is unseasoned soft wood such as pine or fir. I have saw a chimney fire shoot a solid stream of flame 5 to 6 feet in the air beyond the top of a chimney. That is why I say to stay away from using aluminum for that application, as it does not afford much protection against extreme heat. It is nothing to fool with, and the opening for the flue pipe through the building should be done by someone who knows how it is properly done to code.

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