rights of a wife

    what are the rights of a wife in Islam

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    Zero, zip, nadda.....

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    I don't think they have any.


    they are allowed to have babys,

    And they are allowed to do what their husbands tell them to , but they are not allowed to do what they want to.

    From what I have heard they have no "rights".

    They are 2nd rate citizens, make that 4th rate.

    I honestly don't think they have any. I honestly don't see how anyone could say they do. If they have any rights whatsoever, what are they?

    They have the right not to complain about being enslaved to their husband. If want to call that a right.

    Women as Wives
    Allah, the Exalted, says in the Glorious Qur'an:

    (Among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find tranquility in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy.)


    One of the great signs of the Benevolence, Mercy and Power of Allah, the Exalted, is that He created for mankind mates, one from the other, so that they are comforted, satisfied and assisted by one another. The basic foundation of the society is the family, and the husband and the wife are co-partners in that family upon which a Muslim home is established. For the success of the family and the tranquility of the home, Islam grants each spouse certain rights and duties.


    A dowry is the right of every bride at the time of marriage. A marriage contract is not considered legal and complete unless and until a dowry has been specified. This right cannot be forfeited, even if the bride approves, until after the marriage contract is completed. The dowry belongs to the woman entering marriage, and she has the freedom to do whatever she wants with what she owns after the marriage contract is fulfilled.

    Financial Support

    The husband must give honorable and sufficient sustenance to his household according to his status and means.

    Justice, Equality and Fairness

    Men who are married to more than one wife are required to act with justice, fairness and equality in dealing with them. This includes provision, clothing, housing and sharing his time, concerns and intimate relations.

    Protection and Preservation

    A husband must protect and prevent his wife and children from any possible harm or immorality to the best of his abilities.

    Companionship, care and intimate relationships

    A husband must live with his wife honorably, kindly and with respect. He must maintain a decent, clean and acceptable appearance when he relaxes in his household, just as he likes his wife to do for him at home, since this is only mutual respect and decency to one another. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) said, encouraging and explaining the comprehensive principle about good character and behavior:


    Mate, I've read most of the Koran and I've read the same things, but muslims interpret it in another way. In practice, they have no rights whatsoever.

    Yes that's all very nice.BUT WHAT ABOUT RIGHTS???

    Thank you for posting this answer. It does tell what is expected of a husband, but, like the others, it doesn't really tell me what a wife's RIGHTS are. It tells what she can expect from her husband.

    " The right to remain silent ! "

    Lets get a few Muslim women on here and ask them of their wonderful religion, and the rights that are bestowed on them. When was the last time they asked their old man to take out the garbage. Slaves are what the are. We apparantly have several muslims on this site, lets hear from your wives or daughters. Oops, forgot they are forbidden an education.



    Check out  links,,,,     also depends how radical Muslim the husband is.




    These days muslim women are looking more and more for their rights!!!! Do I need to talk of equality and respect for each other?

    Are you considering marrying a muslem is that why you ask?

    What has religion got to do with a womans rights?its all about control , always has been since religion began , any religion. do what thou art told or fear the wrath of god.

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