what do u do if no one likes u and it' true

     and someone said it to you

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    Someone likes you dont be fooled by one person .I was brought to stand up for myself .No matter how big that person is The bigger they are the heavy they "Fall Just tell them or him I dont Like "you You see other people see weakness in people who dont stand up for them selfs that is a lesson in life.Now I like you .Go kick ass

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    You say no one likes you ?..........Might be time to have a look at your attitude and how you conduct yourself around people.Speak and treat  people how you would like to be spoken and treated.


    My Father always said that Treat others as you would be liked to be treated.

    dowsa, your father got that from the bible....the golden rule.

    I , have a friend who's answer would be F_ _ _ em all and he's right put them out of your mind they aren't worth it .


    How about just turn your back on ‘em and say YOU AREN’T WORTH MY TIME. YOU AREN’T WORTH MY ATTENTION. YOU AREN’T WORTH IT.
    After that no more discussion.

    dunc, I wasn’t saying that to you! You know that.

    that's easier said then done.

    its mee, I like your new pic.

    Treat people as you wish to be treated.  Be a friend regardless.........



    It may be this person is a little conceited; look at the name being used. Might be one of those muscle man types who saunter around??? Doesn't fit with bringing the question here, but maybe.........

    Maybe but if he recognizes that no one likes him, maybe he'll do so enough to change himself......

    I hope so. Humble is way more attractive than abs. Don't get me wrong; I like nice abs, but they don't warm your heart.


    The person who told you that is probably just being spiteful,as dunc says just say f---em.

    First of all, Abbs rules, DO NOT swear at people as a response to anything.  That will just cause others, to lose respect for you.  Just because someone says something "about you" or "to you", does NOT make it true, now does it?  No one is liked by everyone and there is not a person anywhere, who is not loved by someone!  Be nice to others, find interests that you enjoy, get involved in fun things, and soon you will have some new friends.   Good luck to you!

    That's a really horrible thing to be told and even worse to say to someone. 
    However, my first thought is:  You might want to consider liking yourself a little more.  OR perhaps liking yourself a little less.
    Look for alternative social connections (sports, music, drama, scouts, 4H, faith, volunteer) and put your effort into being productive in those endeavors and genuinely interested in the other people involved.

    Abusive...the person who told you that is Bad News!  Stay Away from that person!!!

    You are welcome to join us here! there are all sorts of people who are 'regulars' here- do not take offense if they disagree with you!

    Abbs rules: The person who told you that is a BULLY. What they said to you has no basis in the truth. If they knocked you down over that comment, you need to talk to someone you can trust about the issue - a psychologist, a teacher, a school counselor, a minister.

    When I was younger, words like that would have devastated me. If someone said that to me now I wouldn’t believe them. I’d actually hate the person who said those evil words. 

    You will be ok. Get some help. ok? We’ll help you here ... but our help can only go so far. 



    I totally am behind your first paragraph, its mee. Good thoughts and advice.
    Hating is such a huge emotional effort. Indifference to someone gets him/her out of your mind and allows you to move forward. Hating is a constant effort and harmful psychologically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically. I don't encourage hatred.
    I hope that you don't allow hatred to trample your good nature. You always bring clean air to aka.
    Re: paragraph three: I concur

    Yep, if someone said that to me, I’d hate them and plan to show them it absolutely wasn’t true. There’s this song I loved by Don McClain <--sp

    Everybody loves me, baby
    What’s the matter wit choo?

    I believe I will have my husband read your paragraph about my good nature. LOL. Thanks. It just ain’t the truth. I have a bitch side.

    Itsmee??? You?? a bitch side??? I don't believe you.

    Start to like yourself and people will start to look at you different.

    Say "well I am sorry that you feel that way but I admire you forthrightness  in telling me.

    All we need to agree on now is that we do not associate with one another until such time as you grow up and realise how nice I am. Now F--k off"


    Right to the point" Dont mess with mister in between.







    "It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not."


    "Never explain.  Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe you any way."

    Good luck, my friend!





    Find someone who is treated like you and be nice to them and you will become a loving and loved person, it will take time take it slow.

    Headless Man

    Also your name, Abbs rules, looks like you might think you rule, no one like some that think they are the boss. Think about it......

    I've had the same prob, both in Jr. High, and in my adult life. All  you can do , is try to make new friends, by going places where you can meet peeps that have the same interests as you. Then, talk about them with you're with them and use their name a lot when talking to them.

    Think it this way, if there were no one left in this world, you would want someone to show up and tell you that they don't like you! Wow !  Welcome to my world !


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