Do you get hypnotized on akaQA?

    I do! The outer world melts away. My husband has to take my shoulders and lead me from my computer.

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    Time sure does fly when you're having fun........!

    Yes I agree ,sometimes I intend spending a half hour or so on here, then look at the clock and realise I should have been somewhere else an hour ago.

    Itsmee, i don't know about hypnotize, but i get memorized. i agree it is very hard to leave the Aka site.

    Its an addiction. I try to spend 2 hours on this site in the morning and it always ends up beeing 4 or 5hrs. when I schould be doing something else.


    When I’m tired I have very little resistance. At that time, I spend much more than the time I’ve scheduled.

    I know one thing is that you say you are going on for twenty mins then 2 hours later it makes the day go to quick great time to dwindle when its raining!


    It’s like a magnet.

    itsmee you are so right xx

    I agree with Sunny, I went on for "quick look" this morning at 8.00 suddenly it was 8.45 and I had a 8.45 appointment to take my dog to the vet.

    indeed.....t's like time stands still,somebody slap me..


    severely addicted only


    I wonder what a psychologist would say. But, you know, there are worse things we could do.

    worse addictions that is?...

    itsmee, yes and I still can't figure out why.  I know that it is relaxing to me.


    I know. Nobody would say this is writing. Writing is difficult. Writing gives me a head egg. Maybe this is a doodle. When I’m on the phone, my daughter says, “You’re drawing on your calendar, aren’t you, Mom?” And my answer is always “Yes” My art on the calendar takes no thought. It’s relaxing like what you say.

    I tend to "Look in" every now & then while I am working on the computer.Takes the boredom away from the mundane typing i have to do.


    Yup, Tommy, it just never gets boring here.

    Same as all the above, if I'm at work( shh)  I even cranky if someone needs me and I have to leave the site


    I’m laughing. That’s me too.

    I think it's a little more like a time warp, at least to me lol. Wow I didn't know you were married itsmee, that's it our date next week is off!!! xoxo


    I can marry an alligator any day I please if the alligator would only have me. (Uh, would I want an alligator to have me?!) : )

    Lol, you would have to smell like chicken.

    I can walk away at any time.  I must be strange, or just have more things to do. 


    You are lucky. I come on for just one question and just one answer and get in some serious time trouble.
    I’m like an alcoholic going into a bar ... I’ll have One Question over Ice, and One Answer straight up. (And then I lose control of my senses)

                 No, but I do become very sleepy.

    .... I lose track of the time my age, I can blink my eyes and clear my mind

    It's sleep inducing. I've fallen asleep at my computer desk many a time while looking at akaqa

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