what are the rights my ex has to her children in bc,shes a drug addict and i have interm custody

    Actuallyy..even some advice from people who have been on each end of this...

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    No...I don't see you as the bad guy. Unfortunately, I know what it is that you're going through to a certain degree. I went through it myself for's heartbreaking!

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    This is a question which requires an attorney.  We are not legal experts here.  Sorry.

    I believe she has the right to see the children, maybe supervised visits..........?

    Shootah, you're right.   I have a friend in his thirties who married a woman who had 4 children and lots of bad haaabbbits.  When her bad habits caught up with her she had lost the respect of her children and the man who tried to mak a life for them.  By then there were 6 children.   The children ended up with their step father, all of them!   Four girls no less and two boys.  His heart was there and it  was obvious to  everyone including the court.  So if she is not going to make a miracle turnaround soon get the kids and keep her at a distance.  Supervised visits only. 

    Regardless of what her rights are, if she has herself cleaned up, you should allow the kids the opportunity to see their mother. Don't let your own annimosity come between a mother and her kids, if she shows an effort of being there for them. But, if for their sake you need to shield them from her, that's one thing. Although, it's a whole different thing if you allow your own old resentments to drive a wedge between them and her. No matter what, she is the mother of your children...and you should never forget that.

    Drug addiction ruins and affects many lives. But, unfortunately, that's what many families are forced to deal with these days


    I havent allowed her to see our 6 yeAR OLD DAUGHTER GOING ON THE 3RD WEEK..i told her ill keep her til she was better, besides our daughter has stopped asking about her. .the final straw was when i saw her and my daughter driving down to the thrift store..i warned her not to drive alone with her, she has to have a family memeber with her, in case she goes to buy drugs...i told her id get social services involved if she disobeyed this i went and made my appointment..she never spends time with her, does any activities with tired of looking like im the bad guy..all i care is for the saftey of my child.

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