who beleives obamas birth certificate is bougus ?

    he had two years to settle this "debate" why now?
    not to mention he is the pres.he can produce any document he wants

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    This question should have been cleared up before he became president, why wasn't it?
    I won't go as far to say 'bogus' but i will question why he let it go this long.. Why didn't he produce it at first asking?? His own stubbornness created this, then on the otherhand, he and his advisers could have planned it as a political strategy to make Republicans chase after it and look stupid in the end.. 'political Gain'.

    It's all a game, people need to look at the issues-- Even if he was proven to not have a valid certificate, then Joe Biden would have taken the seat and we would still have the same issues handled the same way..
    Headless Man

    So true......
    "kenya" honestly beleive its real
    Oh BOY!! The left has someone new to hate! Donald Trump! :) LOL Always someone..
    DONALD TRUMP does because he is in DIRE NEED FOR BROWNIE POINTS and he loves stirring the pot. I mean seriously would reveal something when you legally don't have to,I wouldn't bow to their whining and pouting, I'd let them keep right wondering.
    no bogus, this country is too racist, remember it belongs to the Indians

    We would question even if it were a white president if no birth certificate could be produced. Stop trying to play the racist card, it makes you yourself look like a bigot. This country belongs to those who conquered it. The native Americans were slaughtering each other long before the settlers arrived. If they want the country back, they'll just have to fight for it like the settlers did.
    I started liking Trump for pushing Obama to do this.

    gary, what is it that you don't like my comment?

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