Is it true that Prince phillip is not prince andrews father

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    Look I'm an Australian republican.I have no use for the British monarchy whatsoever,but this is simply outragious rumour mongering.

    Leave 'em alone!

    Are you a Daily Mail Nutter?? Sorry " reader"?

    What are you trying to say about our queen ?, BEWARE the tower awaits you.

    i`m not a royalist but you have to wonder at some of the theories that seem to spring up(and some of the minds that hatch them)

    !We have British and Scottish friends" on this site- they'll chime in with the answer...It's night time there but at least one is planning to watch the Superbowl- at 1:30 am.  He may ans today but by tom. you should have the Royal answer


    Watching at the moment, couldn,t give a flying f***, fish? for this stoopid kwestyan.

    If you are from a country that traces its` origins back to the UK you should not have asked this question .

    Should you not be such a person channel what little mind you may have into worthwhile pursuits.

    I am not a Royalist but I do respect the Royal family and what they stood for and to a degree still do.

    Sorry, I cant answer your question,  but found other interesting information, for Royal fans.


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