What is a i and d

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    I&D debridement
    I&D Innovation and Design
    I&D Innovation and Development
    I&D Incision and Drainage (medicine)
    I&D Integration and Development
    I&D Installation & Dismantle (trade show & convention exhibits)
    I&D Irrigation and Debridement
    I&D Inspection and Delivery (manufacturing process)
    I&D Intermediate and Depot
    I&D Integrate and Dump
    I&D Inclusion and Diversity (Cisco)

    Incision and drainage, or I&D, is a common treatment for an abscess. An abscess, or infection with pus, may not heal well on its own or even with antibiotics. The pus usually needs to be drained to promote healing.

    An I&D is performed by first numbing the area around the abscess with local anesthetic. A scalpel or needle is inserted into the skin overlying the pus and the pus is drained. Many abscesses have pockets of pus that must be broken up to release all of the pus.

    Sometimes a wick, usually a piece of gauze or gauze tape, is placed in the drained abscess to keep the skin from closing. This allows the wound to continue to drain as it heals from the inside out.


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