you cyberpunks grow the f up and go elsewere

    bull shit questions

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    sorry but im abit pissed off you should be as well, besides i really din't swear
    daren, I know you had a bad go with some cyber punks (or a cyber punk under many different names) but that one has been shut down along with his/her many alters. What I'm seeing is mostly legit questions asked with no attitude and do appear legit to me. Like I said in another thread, I believe this forum is more visible than the other one was so we can expect more traffic and more new names. Relax bud. If anyone starts any problems, the admins will take care of them just like they did with the 11 fake accounts yesterday.
    I too hate cyberpunks I think they are a mar on society.
    Dude, please stop swearing...

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