There is a blue rectangle on the upper left of this page. Inside it reads akaQA. Underneath it reads unread notifications. I have hundreds! What does that mean?

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    I am on a different tangent to the other two answers.

    The unanswered questions are new questions that have as yet not been answered or older questions that have not been answered.

    Sorry I just got a answer to one of my questions so now I am back on track. Silly me.

    Right, you answer a question or comment on a question and one or more of us .

    A) comments on your comment in which case the "unread" notice comes up so you click on the red number and all the responses to your action are listed.

    If it says Ann voted up your answer you know Ann agreed, if it says Ann has commented on your answer you click on your question and you can read Anns` comments

     You clear each "page" by clicking "clear all comments"

    Is that as clear as mud?



    This is also a way many of us send a message to another member. If I wanted to send you a message, I would find one of your answers and make a comment  to it. You would receive a notification in the form of a number encircled in red which when clicked on would drop down your notification. Clicking on that notification would take you to my comment. Judging by your question, I would guess you have a ton of notifications (and TUs). You should click on Clear all Notifications to clear them out.

    Those are the questions you have answered.People have voted up your answer!!!!!!!

    I have 5289. I clear all notifications frequently. I guess it’s ok. I think I find my responses ok.  I’m still ???, but that’s not unusual for me. Maybe this should have gone under the question I’ve Always Wondered. Thank you rainny, flip, and PEOPLELOVER.

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