Which was best movie of the last century (1900-2000)

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    Gone with the wind , Wixard of Oz were classics as is The sound of Music..

    Come on you can`t be serious, drama? commedy? what?

    Impossible to answer as so many.

    You think of the classics, Gone With The Wind, Thirteen Steps< The back window< Here to Eternity.

    The Triffids, Birds, Psycho, Wizard of Oz, High Noon, Shane, Giant .

    You are asking which is the best tasting chip out of the same bag.

    The Hills are Alive......with the Sound of Music.

    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

    It is simply superb.


    I chose Cuckoo's Nest because the entire movie was wonderful. Nurse Ratchet can't control R.P. McMurphy, no matter how hard she tries. Yes, in the end he is lobotomized but the Chief takes McMurphy with him, when he finally gains freedom.

    R.P's gift to the Chief was to believe in himself and he finally tells his friend, "I feel as big as a d@mn mountain." McMurphy was selfish yet selfless. He tried to show the other inmates of the institution that there was more to life than hiding in the mental hospital.

    He even ultimately risked his own chance at freedom, to give Billy Bibbit some time with one of the party girls. I do not believe she was a wh@re, Umbriel. That is extremely judgemental. He loses it and attacks Ratchet when he sees she has managed to destroy Bibbit. He could have fled but stayed, to right what he saw as a grievous wrong.

    The last scene in the movie, when the Chief shifts the huge marble block and throws it through the window...I am getting shivers, just typing about it, it's so moving to me...every single time I've watched that movie, which has to be 8-9 times, I cry, I can't help it.

    A Clockwork Orange left me extremely cold. Yes, it too is an allegory but the sex and violence in the movie was heinous. That's about all I have to say on that particular movie. Each to his own taste.

    The Great Escape,Paint your Wagon.The Searchers.It all depends who you like as an actor.

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