how can i define myself in an interview

    i am giving interview for an adission and i am asked to define myself how will i

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    Try friendly

    Try friendly

    Myself is best used either reflexively ( I have decided to exclude myself from consideration) or intensively ( I myself have seen that | I've done that myself). The word shouldn't appear as a substitute for I or me ( my wife and myself were delighted to see you). Using it that way, as an “untriggered reflexive,” is thought somehow to be modest, as if the reference were less direct. Yet it's no less direct, and the user may unconsciously cause the reader or listener to assume an intended jocularity, or that the user is somewhat doltish—e.g.:
    • “Those ins and outs are largely a self-learning process, though knowing the experience of someone like myself [read me ] might make the learning shorter, easier, and a lot less painful.” (Mark H. McCormack, What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School; 1984.)
    • “The exclusion of women and women's concerns is self-defeating. For instance, myself and other women in Hollywood [read many women in Hollywood, including me,] would deliver millions of dollars of profit to the film industry if we could make films and television shows about the lives of real women.” ( Los Angeles Times; Oct. 22, 1989.)
    • “My wife and myself [read I ] were in a religious cult for over 15 years before the leader fell over dead.” ( Pantagraph [Bloomington, IL]; Apr. 6, 1997.).

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