combining two photographs

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    I use gimp for mac as it has a versatile photo  editor. It take time to het use to but practice does that. Gimp is a Linux program originally but now it’s available everywhere. You can combine two or more photos by layering one on top of another and make one more transparent than the other or cut and paste them together as you like. Morphing photos together calls for Photo shop (a different program) by Adobe. Linus is low cost and excellent quality taking time to develop skill. Photo Shop has a trial version and prices start around $70 and go up to around $150. 

    You need a photo editor like photoshop or photofiltre, both can be found by google search. Or google photo editors and find one you like. 

    Photoshop How-To: Merge Two Images for a Custom Collage ... - Similar

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    24 Jul 2011 – Few projects have the budget for custom photography. Yet if you use too much stock photography, you may look like everyone else.

    you can get a 3D effect with the right eqipment.

    Man I miss Bryce.. :(

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