Is there a vitamin to help restore lost muscle mass from aging?.

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    DHEA is an over the counter supplement sometimes referred to as the "Youth Hormone" - it is said to have numerous benefits, among them to rev up production of your own testosterone. That might help you build muscle faster if you are workingout.

    There is a ton of info on the internet which can be found using most any search tool like yahoo or Google. DHEA

    It is available in the nutrition sections at Walgreens (25mg capsule) and Wal Mart (50mg tablet.)

    I effective, because you can get acne flare-ups if you use too much for your particular system.  

    You will lose muscle mass naturally as you age. The main idea is to keep active. I will mention that DHEA is something you might discuss with your doctor.  Here is an important statement.  Muscle Remembers.

    Exercise, weight lifting, walking.  There is no easy method of restoring muscle mass/strength, that I am aware of...only hard, consistent work!!!   Get at it and it will get easier as you keep going!  You'll also start to feel better.


    Working out would only enhance the benefits of a testosterone supplement's effects. I'm not saying it wouldn't be a good idea.

    There is a supplement to replace testosterone that men supposedly have decreasing levels of as they grow older. In effect it is supposed to physically restore some of their youthfullness, including muscle mass, stamina, and vigor..


    I still think that you have to work out along with taking anything...nothing could be that simple.

    Yep..I understand but I think it's the other way around...a supplement would be "in addition to" the hard work. :)

    Stretch, sounds like a guys name so I will advise you as a guy.... Low T is a common problem amongst men, saw palmetto is relatively effective, but the best advice I could give would be to go see your doctor. They will test you a few times hopefully, being that your test levels will fluctuate during any day to day or during a months time. At the age of fifty your testosterone level will be about 50% lower than when you were at your prime. You may need to get on DHEA as suggested above, which is the base of what hormones are made of, or get a bi-weekly shot from your doctor of testosterone. Good luck, go your research. Hope this helps.

    No one knows how too stop aging , only stop crying about it!

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