How do you add a picture/Photograph to an answer on aka

    just can't find the correct click.

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    1. Left click on the little Tree picture.

    2. Left click "Insert Image".

    3. Left click "Choose File".

    4. Select Pictures under the Libraries folder on the left, if it's not already displayed.

    5. Left click on the picture you wish to select. The name of the picture will display in the long, oblong box.

    6. Left click "Open".

    7. Left click "Upload".

    It will now be in your answer box, Sunny and you post it, just the same as a written comment.

    It may be a good idea to write out the instructions, then you can easily refer to them, as you go through the steps.

    I really hope these instructions help, sweetie, as it's a lot of fun to find pictures and/or 'gifs' on the web with Google or Bing.

    Good luck! :D

    Oh thanks Dardaigh I will give it a try later.

    You're welcome, Sunny. :)

    1 Answer

    Click on the little tree. Add the URL for the picture, or browse your computer and upload a picture from it. Often if you right click on a picture it will give you the option to copy the URL. 

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