Who wants Obama for presidant again?

    I've noticed when Obama was running for presidant almost everyone wanted him for presidant because he was going to be our first black presidant or what other reason...If you want him to be our presidant say "yes" and if you dont want him to be say "no"

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    No, no way..........



    not I.



    Sammey, do not vote down people's opinions. This is forum rules. Opinion are off limits for thumbs downs. I see you gave Daren1 and RobertGrist a thumbs down for their opinions. This is not cool. Please do not do this again. 

    To the members, this is why we should not give thumbs up to newbies, at least not until they've been here long enough to understand forum rules. 


    good point colleen..

    No..color of is skin is not the issue, his way of running america is..

    Yes, I like Obama and I would like to see what he can do with a democratic majority congress in both houses. Rest assured I will ignore your opinion in my practice of Brinkmanship….I swore I would not vote for a reduction in government spending. 


    I guess we will see who will get the blame for voting for him.....

    sammey…how interesting…so if he wins I get the blame…..I’m so big, wow.
    Headless Man

    "I swore I would not vote for a reduction in government spending"
    I can't find another person that would say that, your rare!
    Wrong but rare......

    Care to pay my taxes for me? I can no longer afford the over spending at capitol hill.


    And my answer is not based on 'black' as I vote NO! for his white half too, I vote NO! strictly because of his political stance on issues that are important to the survival of this country. Can you do that?? Or is the fact that he is half black make your decision.   It really annoys me that so many people did exactly what you said-- Voted him because he was the first black..  That is insane. What's worse is that these same people that voted him in had no idea of his agenda and neither did the entire democratic party, they voted on 'CHANGE and HOPE'..  This message was the decisive energy that put him in office. What a terrible decision the American Obama voting public made.  You have now had over 3 years of this Hope and change.. Please look around and think.. I am speaking to the working Americans-- The non-working Americans need to drop your expectations a bit and take the jobs that are available until we get back on our feet.  they are out there..

    A few weeks ago i went to have my tires rotated and oil change, it took them three hours for this simple job because they were short handed, they needed people to work but nobody applied for the job.. they were all busy pouting in some 'occupy' meet..    And no... It's not 'all'  GWB's fault, we were heading down before him...  .


    I think a lot of people in this nation are asleep or they just do not pay attention or research beyond their television sets. Anyone who wants to keep Obama is just as bad for this country as he is. The people backing this inept president care only for themselves.

    Thanks for your words Vinny. You should have a lot more TU's for this.


    Yes Colleen, this is true. I do believe the speech that 'Democratic' President John F. Kennedy made needs to be brought to the front again.
    "Ask not what your country can do for you--Ask what you can do for your country!"

    This was a Democrat that said this.. Now today, its 'what your country can do for you' again! handouts! 99% bullchit! These people need to get off the streets quit their pouting and whining and take whatever job they can find and quit reaching into my pockets for their survival. This country was founded on faith, love of country and work.. These people have no faith, they hate the USA and they don't want to work.. These are the people that once again will put Obama back in office as their Messiah.. A sick nation we have become.. God help us.


    what is your answer?


    My answer is definetly N.O. because as soon as he became presidant the oil pipes broke and it took us a long time to fix them.

    What are you talking about Sammey? No oil pipes have burst while Obama has been in office. That was a well Exxon was drilling and had trouble capping. It had nothing to do with Obama.

    WANT and choosing between the ZIT-BRAINS that will be opposing are DIFFICULT CHOICES!!!!



    Yes. I believe Republicans stopped Obama from doing his best job. He seems human, kind, and very bright. These are the traits I judge by.  

    Besides that he sings beautifully,  Let’s Stay Together .  (The singing comment is a joke.)


    Gee, I thought all of it was a joke, only the singing? Please do pay attention to the destructive side of that man. He is doing his best to destroy us. Congress is blocking him from doing just that.

    Whooo knows? I may change. A long time ago I was interested. All those caucuses came up and I got confused and kind of gave up on politics.

    Today the Stock Market closed the highest since 2008. That's the good news. : )

    yes   Anything is better than a Republician for president


    You're sleeping.

    Matheneyg: I agree, I haven't gotten over the worst 8 yrs (of my time)of G.Bush's presidency.

    The Bible speaks of the world having a one world people that are voting for him might be fulfilling prophecy..that means that Christ is coming soon.


    what in the world would this have to do with obama running for president..

    Sammey, keep religion to the religious threads please.

    Thank you Daren.

    Sammey honey.... Are you quite young? Your pipe line comment confuses me.

    Gooood Morning Americans!!!!!!!

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