larki hansi to phansi aur agar larka hansa to......... (only Indians and Pakistanis may give their reply answer)

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    Thats not very nice, how would you like it if we started saylng that Indians andPakistanis were not allowed to answer certain questions?.


    Sir my question was in Urdu language and it is being spoken in INDIA and in PAKISTAN only. English is also familiar in these countries.

    That still does not explain why youdid not invite everybody to answer your question.
    There is a tranlation site for anyone who would like to share in your question.

    Not very nice and doesn't belong to this site... We are a part of the whole world. Go create your own spot......

    Deleted User

    HAHAHA you made me spit my drink create your own spot hahahahaha :) priceless

    What time is it where you are? And what day? What are you drinking?
    Deleted User

    Its 1052am Wednesday.
    I am drinking Fortisip drinks there because I am losing weight and they cant work out why , probably because it ends up being spat over the screen.

    I dont drink Alcohol...

    I drink enough for us both... It's only 8:00p, Tues the 28th. This is just too wild. If they figure out why you are losing weight, share it with me.... goodnight...!
    Deleted User

    I think its because of my medications, and I cant exercise because I break bones easily , they want me to gain a few kilos but if I do it could cause more falls, medication I think is why I am losing weight...
    Good night Sleep well Julie xo

    which one are you? the blond or the boobs? I take a lot of medication, God isn't fair lol. are we old? it's hard to type with the cat in my chair...
    Deleted User

    I wish I had the boobs :) No I am the blonde its a few years old.. My friend always gets comments about them and you know what they are real LOL
    If I put what I looked like now up everyone would think I had cancer.. there I am 68kg now I am 52kg..
    Its funny some medications make you fat others make you skinny.. but I havent had any make me fatter as yet..

    We need to share email addresses if you don't mind, If you agree, I'll contact Colleen, got her on speed dial so to speak, just let me know and I will pull strings...Exciting! Australia! And I thought hurricane Isaac was exciting...
    Deleted User

    For sure :)

    Hmmmmm ... !!!!

    Why not make up your own Q&A for  people who are  from  India and Pakistan, and who ever speaks Urdu.

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