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    Means "at the same time" and you may be talking about someone who is convicted of two or more crimes.  A sentence is imposed for each crime.  To run them "concurrent" means that both will be served at the same time (the longer sentence being the amount of time to be served).  To run them "consecutively" means that one sentence will be served, and at the conclusion of that time, the second sentence will begin.  Two years for one crime and four years for the second would mean 4 years concurrent, or 6 years consecutive.  


    Your answer is correct as far as criminal sentence but any number of things can happen concurrently.
    Your not hooked up on crime are you? No you are too lovely for that.

    The text book definition of Concurrent Audit would read something like this, “Concurrent audit is a systematic and timely examination of financial transaction on a regular basis to ensure accuracy, authenticity, compliance with procedures and guidelines.” To a layman this might not seem to be a very meaningful and an important task, but it is one task that can save millions at times. The concept is introduced as it reduces a gap between the times when a transaction occurs and when it is checked. It avoids manipulation, errors and fraudulent transaction. It is concurrent audit that makes sure that the transactions are done in sync with the system.

    Many people take such oversimplified definitions as an excuse to disrespect and belittle a concurrent auditor’s role in modern day business. In fact concurrent audit deals with substantial checking of transactions and not test checking. It is a lot of hard work and at the end of the day proves to be more effective and valuable for organizations than period end and annual audits.

    Concurrent means two or more things happening at the same time.

    Let me elaborate.

    The rain fell, and the thunder rolled whilst the lightening flashed in the sky. These are concurrent hapenings.

    In eggplants example the audit is as stated"Accuracy,authenticity and compliance----.Several thing at same time = Concurrent.

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