How well do you know the US Constitution?

    There is a free 10 week lecture series for anyone interested. Failure of our leaders to follow the Constitution is one of the main concerns of the Tea Party. 

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    That,s the way I always understood it. Times change eh?? Keep to your rights, stand up for your rights.

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    It is a shame how little the average native born Americans know about our Constitution. The average naturalized citizens know far more.

    Over half, of Americans believe there is a separation of Sate and Religion, a RIGHT to privacy and only the military should own guns.

    There is no separation of Sate and Religion in the Constitution, there is only a prevention of establishing a STATE Religion and a total Prohibition of enacting ANY law the regulates or prohibits the practice there-of. 

    There is no  a RIGHT to privacy of ones person, only a Prohibition against unlawful and search and seizure and from self incrimination.

    There is not habitation of citizens from owning guns, only the RIGHT to own guns for protection of one self, properly and country, from without and WITHIN.

    There noting in the Commerce Clause that permits the federal government to tell you what kind of health Insurance, car, toilet, washing machine light bulb etc,. you can or MUST purchase, but we have allowed them to do so.   The Commerce Clause simply permit the federal to prevent the FREE Commerce AMONG the States, so no state can tax the goods of another or prevent the sale of goods

    There is nothing in in the Constitution the allows the Congreess to pass a law to pay a Pension to a Senator or a Congressman, but we allowed them to do that as well.

    The people better start voting for officials who will honer their oath to PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution before ti is too late




    Does such a person exist (either side of the pond)who wil take office and put public before self?? or am i a bit cynical?.

    Memorized it in school in the late 60,s and I,m Scottish,does it mean anything now?


    It is "Supposed" to be the guide to our country's laws.
    Jack Large

    Those people who came here for freedom, know what we have here and they do not want to lose it.

    I have a pocket constitution, I can look up things but still don't know it as well as I should........

    not worth a darn.

    The government of the US is like a runaway train.  The only thing that is going to stop it is one big stupendous crash.  Unfortunately, WE are the passengers in that train.

    Without integrity or loyalty a ain't worst the paper written on!


    Then we need to elect people that treat it with loyalty and integrity.

    Where are you going too find these people? not in this world, maybe another time or an alien?



    I take it the guys in suits are politicians, the guy on the bench is joe public

    lewboy: The guys in the suits are Obama with his arms crossed and the rest are past presidents that can't believe this administration AND congress are disregarding the constitution (under Obama's foot) in their rule making. The guy on the bench represents the shame and despair felt by the American people.

    This is poignant, to say the least. Do I see Clinton and LBJ (?) to the right of Obama, clapping their hands?

    @Bob: Yes you do ole observant one.

    Sounds Fun!

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