Can any one suggest how to enter U.S without documents?

    A guy from other country want to enter U.S without documents?There are many aliens coming and cross the border
    from Canada,Mexico,etc.Which route or agency is good for crossing and how much will it cost?

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    ask OBAMA , he knows .

    To get a guide to cross you over the Rio Grande river, our southern bounder with Mexico, and through the desert to a pick up point and to a human stash house around $3,000 to $4,000 US bucks, I live on the US/Mexico boarder and it is nuts what they do to these people.
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    Find someone known as a coyote, give him all your money, then when you get to the country, run like hell and scream, "I'm not an alien! I'm not an alien! I'm not an alien!

    I bet these guys can answer you. Try here : )



    oh gee ouch. A thumbs down from someone without a sense of humor. Pssst, I'm not a vote monger. Don't care about being the popular kid in the class, lol Kidding aside, we have enough illegals. Why give them info they need to enter illegally, use our health system, mooch off us for free, pay no taxes but demand rights? Stay home and fix your own country. Stop coming here and whining you don't like our customs because they exclude your customs.

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