cannot remember which pass word i used which account i used

    i have used 2 different accounts and kept them in a book. i lost the address book  i now use ihave use and bfjgdj50@yahoo. had to stop and i can't use either of them.have new acct name HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bfj: I certainly understand your problem. Mine are worse. My husband and I have changed  computers frequently.  Sometimes he tries to fix me up with a new password using one of my five names. I have done the same with him. We always mean to write down the password alongside the screen name but somehow through the years, we’ve lost track. It’s a hot mess.  I’m always trying to clear up my problems and I’m not having good luck.

    Right here I want to give you the good old-fashioned warning: Never ever tell anyone your password.  When you write it down it should always appear as dots. Good luck.

    PS A friend read this response and she said, “For Heaven’s sake, don’t let them think they need to pencil down their password as dots.” She’s nuts. Nobody would do that. : ))

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