what is baptism and what is it's importance in life ?

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    Different religions have different beliefs on baptism. Basically ours believes that a child is covered by god to get into heaven untill he/she is of age. At that time they are confirmed and their destiny  is no longer in god's hands but there own. Like I said there are plenty of different beliefs out there.

    Some people my self included believe baptism is a spiritual renewal..


    Pure crap.

    The value of human life comes from the act of creation. therefore it is important for us to step back and honestly reflect on the value of human life, the importance of human life, and the sanctity of life.

    In some religions it is a ritual done to cleanse, initiate, or acknowledge the recipient of the act into Christianity. Different religions accomplish this in different ways and at different stages of life. Much of baptism is attributed to the apostle known as John the Baptist, for his having brought many followers into Christianity through this ritual.


    He did not bring followers into Christianity, he brought them to God. He even baptized Jesus. Christianity did not come into being until after the death of Jesus Christ. John followed the Old Testament which was adopted by the Christians and then shelved by Christianity as imperfect. It is a book of God, not a book of Jesus Christ.

    John was also known as a preacher and a prophet in his day, who prophesied of a messiah, who Jesus Christ later became recognized as. Many were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, of which it is said the Holy Spirit came unto them. Read: ACTS 19:1-7 ESV.
    The bible may be a book of God, but we are talking about the part of it regarding baptism, through the focal point of the Holy Trinity being accepted as one, i.e.; the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit being derived from one, that being God.

    There is the problem, before Jesus, he baptized for the God in the old testament, after Jesus he baptized in the name of Christ or the trinity or so you say. The trinity came after the death of Jesus. I will look up the verse as I do not remember this about John. What's funny is John never became a follower of Jesus. I wonder why......

    OK. Paul tells the apostles to be baptized in the name of Jesus after they had already been baptized by John. It does not say they went back to John, it reads like Paul baptized them. "And when Paul had laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying. There were about twelve men in all.
    (Acts 19:6-7 ESV)

    This should be very worrying to the followers. According to exorcisms, people possessed by the devil speak in tongues. Satan has been know to toss out prophecies too.

    Now I did not take time to check the time frame but I suspect this second baptism came during the time that Paul was lobbying the heads of the religions who controlled the courts of the land to make Jesus not just a messenger or a Saint but to make him a God which they finally agreed to after months of Paul lobbying.

    Well, it's been an interesting morning. You have surprised me in your knowledge of the bible. Hm...I think I surprised myself, as it's been an awful lot of years throughout which I hadn't opened one. It's been a good thought provoking conversation Colleen!

    Nothing like politics or religion to get that ball arollin

    "" Give me a break. I'm baptising the toilet.

    "When you wash dirty hands, the results are immediately visible. But turning from sins (repentance) happens inside with a cleansing that isn't seen right away.  John used a symbolic action that people could see;  baptism.  The Jews used baptism to initiate converts. so John's audience was familiar with the rite. Here, baptism was used as a sign of repentance and forgiveness.  Turning from sins implies a change in behavior, turning from sin toward God."   Reference Matthew 3:6   Life Application Study Bible, NLV 

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