How do you kill dollar weed growing around azalea plants?

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    Dollarweed or Pennywort is a perennial weed(meaning it comes back from the root each season). It likes excessive moisture, so if you use a sprinkler system consider cutting back. A broadleaf weed killer for lawns that you can buy at the Home Depot, etc. should give good control. You could also call a professional service to treat the lawn. If you do use a weed killer you will probably have to treat once, and wait about a month and treat any weed that regrows.

    The only way to control it organically is to improve the soil and drainage. Core aeration with a light topdressing of compost(1/4") and apply gypsum(improves drainage). Apply 20 lbs. of Corn Gluten just as the Spring season starts(helps keep new weeds from emerging from seed, will not stop perennial weeds from emerging from roots).

    If the lawn is over 50% infested with weeds, the best thing is to start over. Kill the lawn in late summer wih Roundup(Chemical) or BurnOut(Organic). Wait one week and rototill adding in good compost and gypsum, the re-seed(use high quality seed) or sod

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